Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I have a design plan...

  Finally, after a dozen more designs, I found one that satisfies me and Russ, too.  There were a couple that I liked.  So follow the progression...if you can.     The first was the twist and turn one that Russ did not like.   Then I changed the center to a circle.  I liked that effect.  He didn't. 
  So here's the rest of my thinking in coming up with the final design plan.

Then I decided to take a total different direction.  I left the circle in the center, and focused on creating blocks with lights and darks in the corners.  It is striking, but it is just a little predictable.   I think all the circles should be  all  "spikes" or not at all for this one.  This is just not quite what I had in mind.   But a good design to remember for another time.

A couple more tries--that were awful---no focus to them at all.   I stood across the room and suddenly saw that I could get the effect I wanted  by using 3/4's of a circle around the center circle. 
   I have to make a few more blocks in certain combinations to get this one to work.  The center circle will have light corners, the next round will have dark corners, etc.  I have small circles that will go in areas that "read" too solid...if needed.  Right now this is square, and I want it rectangular...so I have an idea about adding a row at the top and bottom  for that. 
  One note to this.....you eat up a lot of fabric and end up with lots of scraps.  Some will go into journal projects, and the larger pieces will become part of the "cobblestone blocks"  that I am accumulating....for a future project.      Happy stitching.  

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