Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Mountains, fabric and Book Fair

There is absolutely nothing like I showing my age saying that?  Oh, well, so be it.  We had a great few days in the Shenandoah---looking for a bit of relaxation and inspiration.   I think I found some, too.
First stop.....the Green Valley Book Fair.    It's a giant barn filled with over run and surplus books of all kinds.  I found the quilting section.   I was so excited, could not make up my mind, and decided I needed a lot of inspiration.  I bought  4 of them ....price $2 and  $5.  Correct that, I "stole" them....One on art quilts, one on color wash, one on scrap quilts, and another on black and white quilts.   So if you get near exit 240 off I-81....take the time to stop and shop there.   While I was looking around, I began talking to a lady with a quilt book in her hand, and got directions to a quilt shop "just up the hill from the Dutch market". When Russ found out the market had a bakery and sticky buns, he was quite agreeable.
Second stop....Patchwork Plus.  A very nice, large quilt shop, with plenty of classroom space, and lots of patterns and fabric.  I found the sale table and decided I needed a couple of yards.  Then I turned around and saw  rows and rows of batiks.  It was very hard to resist.....I have a duty to support the quilt industry, right? 
  After a visit to the Dutch market---found the sticky buns, we headed for the indoor market in Harrisonburg.....Grandma's Pantry and the Country Canner  are two places I like to shop.  I stocked up on bulk  mixes, and seasonings, and  jams and chow chow for Russ.  
  The views from the Skyline Drive are just awesome....the photos can't do them justice. 

We visited Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home, too.  In the museum area was a fabulous display of pages (copies)  from his diaries and workbooks.  He recorded details of daily life, as well as the drawings and plans for his home and its buildings, the farms and gardens...and then all his words as statesman and writer of the Declaration of Independence.  Wow!  I took away something from seeing it all.....His sense of proportion and light.  It struck me how it applies to what I love about quilting....finding the balance in the design and layout and including a source of light for that spark.  Then I saw this quote on display attributed to Jefferson that expressed this perspective.  

He who receives an idea from me receives it without lessening me,
as he who lights his candle at mine receives light without diminishing me.

Home again and inspired, with ideas swirling in my head.  I need to get busy again.  So I'll be finishing up the border on the batik quilt and giving a preview of a new scrap quilt I am planning.
Happy stitching.


Lynne said...

Sounds like you had a great time - books and fabric (not to mention sticky buns), oh my!

I love that quote - fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I was near that book store--well, maybe it's a good thing I'm not!

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