Monday, May 16, 2011

Square motivated by spiral...batiks

   It didn't take long to put the rows together on the batik blocks.  And add the small circles--or bubbles, my husband says.  I had planned to use an inset strip around all sides and then do a border, but I've changed my mind.  The more I have looked at this, the more I think it would be distracting and pull away from the secondary design. 
   And before anyone asks me....I used 5 different NY beauty blocks in this and they were not all the same size arc  or even the same as the DP blocks.  That is why some places in the circles do not match exactly.  I broke a few rules, decided it would not bother me,  and freely admit perfection does not suit me at all.  The color and movement  are more important to me. 
    New Plan:  A simple border that is mixed lengths  of the medium and dark values.  I am limited on the amount of fabric left on a few of them, so I will use up what I have----some longer and some shorter.    Right now the quilt is  52" by 68".  I hope to have enough fabric to use a 6  inch border around it....or at least a 5 inch one. 
Today that is my plan,  tomorrow could change again.   This quilt is an expression and an experience in freely going for it.   I'm a square motivated by a spiral and this quilt shows it!
Happy stitching.


Exuberant Color said...

I really like the final layout. I agree a formal border would be distracting and if it has one it should like integrated.

Lynne said...

Great inspiration in colour and design (and the non-pursuit of perfection) for this novice quilter. Thanks.

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