Friday, May 27, 2011

String Me Along--part 1

From my prior post on a new scrap quilt you can see the layout from EQ7 that only shows stems and leaves in the blocks.   I needed to remedy sketching out a plan of some sort.  
   I used yellow pattern paper to establish the approximate size of  3 of the blocks in a vertical strip.  Then  I added a curving stem  that will be bias strips, (not sure if  I csn get the bias to curl like that)  and the general placement of leaves for the stems.  This gives me some reference for the size of the flowers I will use.  On a separate piece of paper I sketched a few flowers in various sizes to see what I want to use.     Now I have a master type pattern for the leaf size and the the flower size.   I can easily trace off the leaves and flower parts onto fusible paper for the applique. 
    Next I will be making some bias stems.....I'll show a couple of methods and how I make them fusible too.
This morning  I am packing up a small scrap quilt to send off to Joplin victims.  As A Mom has organized donations for quilts and blankets for the kids. My heart goes out to all the families.   I am so blessed.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day, y'all.

  Happy stitching. 

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