Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What shape are you?

    This was a fun quiz to take.  It is based on the five basic shapes of circle, square, triangle, spiral, and crossed elements.  Draw a picture of each.  then select your favorite and make it #1.  The one you like least is #5.  Select your #2, #3, and #4.     Each shape has a basic meaning and where you place them also has a meaning that reveals something about you.  So make your choices before you read on.  I am only skimming the surface of the meanings here.  Don't cheat....answer first.

   Circle:  whole, complete, confident, hard to penetrate.    Square:  solid, stable, trustworthy, reliant, integrity.    Triangle:  shape about the future, visionary, hopes, and dreams, seeking something better.    Spiral:   constant change, moving,  growth: buy fabric but have a hard time using it.    Crossing elements:  relationship, union of 2 elements, you and something else. 
   Position or where you place them in order-----this could  change according to where you are in life.
  #1--Where you think you are, or how you see your world
  #2--This is what motivates you, or what you are working on.
  #3-- Where you really are, and how you make instant choices.
  #4-- How your friends and the world sees you think.
  #5--Unfinished business, the old stuff, irritating things, the negative you are done with. 
Here I am.....square, spiral, circle, triangle, crossing elements.   I think the most amazing position was the second...spiral.  Change is motivating me, I am looking for it, trying to move out and beyond my comfort zone.  And for a square that is hard!  Want to see a little proof?

This is the top 2 sections on the DP/NY batik blocks.  Analyze this and you will see that the squares (blocks) dominate, spiral in the 3/4 sections, circles are everywhere, triangles in the NY blocks, and the crossing element is in the layout as a secondary pattern!  Now, I have absolutely no idea what this all means, but it was fun to see that my answers revealed what I am currently working on. 
   Don't forget, the Bloggers' Quilt Festival begins Friday.  There's a link on the right side and I will do a post for it. 
Happy stitching.

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