Sunday, September 18, 2011

A collection of ...

Sewing items!  A few days ago Cheree shared her photos of silk threads in her sewing room.  She inspired me to shared my favorite sewing things.
I started accumulating these items a long time ago,
and even have a few from my grandmother's sewing box.  And this lovely old cabinet, was purchased about 10 years ago and is filled with my favorite things.  It is really too full, but here are a few peeks inside. 

I love the little Kewpie doll.  She has jointed arms and is "dressed" with a piece of old tatted lace.  All types of needles in packages with the neatest graphics.  Old thimbles with advertising on them mixed with crochet hooks and measuring tapes, and you can almost see my grandmother's darning egg in the right hand cubby. 

One of my favorite pieces is the high top shoe pin cushion.  It is paper mache and it really great shape.
I love the old advertising needle case packs, too.  Oh, and the teeny tiny thimbles that looks black  was my grandmother's, too.  Doreen sent me several of the items here, and some were family bits, and other things discovered  at yard sales and such.
  The overflow had to go into a smaller cabinet in my sewing room.  I love the spools of silk thread colorful and vibrant.

And what's this?
  One last thing is the small wooden box from my mother-in-law.  The top is so beautiful with the intricate design.  It is  marked W and W   Wheeler and Wilson Sewing Machines.  I have never researched the name, just enjoyed the design.  Inside......she had a very large collection of scissors.
 Note:  Correction made to name.....Thanks Mary,  for directing me to ebay.  It's the accessory box for the Wheeler Wilson Treadle machine! 
  I have stopped searching for old sewing items....guess you can see why.  But then, every so often, one comes my way.  So any one else out there with a notions collection?  
   Almost finished with quilting the bargello style quilt.  I'm so excited because it turned out great.  Pix soon.
Happy stitching.  


Mary said...

I love old sewing tools. I've been wanting a Wheeler Wilson box for a long time, but they have become very pricy on e-Bay and I haven't taken the plunge. Thanks for sharing some of your treasures!

Cheree said...

Love it! I love the old advertising/packaging, too! I have just a few notions that were my grandmother's. Because she died when I was just 3 months old, I love having these few little "connections" to her. Thanks for sharing all of this! How fun!

Anonymous said...

That is the prettiest sewing cabinet. You made it look even nicer with all of your treasures and memories. Thanks for remembering me.

Love, Doreen

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