Monday, September 5, 2011

Have you seen the rain?

  Just a little here so far, but enough to get the falls flowing again.  I love to watch the ripples created by the water flowing over the rocks and splashing on the lower pools.  Maybe I will hear a serenade by the frogs tonight.
   I had planned to work on the gift quilt today, but as usual  some interference.  I agreed to do some commission work about 6 weeks ago, thinking it would be easy to accomplish.   Delays and then a re-design and now it needs to be finished this week.  It is no longer a quilted project, but a construction one. 
Insight:  Learn this lesson....I do this for enjoyment and self expression.  I may sell something along the way, but that is not my main objective. 
  I prefer to be a droplet in the the flowing stream, ever expanding and moving.  Bring inspiration and create a ripple in the surface of what others see.
  I'm back to the old blogger....the new interface quit working today and I could not post.  Comfort zone!

  Now to work...happy stitching.


Cheree said...

Enjoyed the pictures. :o) It rained ALL around us two days ago but we didn't get anything. :o( At least we're enjoying cool weather finally!

Impera_Magna said...

I don't sew or quilt for pay... just NOT worth it. Like you, I sew/quilt for my own enjoyment and to indulge my creativity.

Love your babbling brook... hope the froggies sing for you tonight!

Lynne said...

Someone once asked me to knit for them and was shocked when I said $100 for a sweater! Now I just offer to teach them to knit instead!

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