Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Looking for a color palette?

   I still have that stack of fabrics sitting on my table that I pulled out last month.  I have played around with them in off moments trying to decide if I like the blend of colors.   My kick off fabric is the tomato red with the blue/teal  and tan leaves.

  I often use this method to choose a color scheme....find a focus fabric that I like and pull colors from it to expand the fabric palette.  It was the method taught in one of the first quilting classes I took years, and years ago.  The instructor said that the designer had already done the work for us in the fabric.  So if you like the fabric/color/pattern, you have your palette.    Sounds easy, right.....unless you are me and prefer the "kitchen sink" style of anything goes! 
  And then.........I ran across Design Seeds  through Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt.  And  I found these photos have very similar palettes that they developed.

   Color confidence!  Similar controlled palettes of color that evoke different moods and feelings.  I love the worn hues one.  There are lots of palettes based on food, flowers, pets, scenes.  Just name it.  Great inspiration.  For a quilter who needs color confidence or direction, this could be a great tool.
  So if I use this palette of fabrics for a many more do I need?  I need to let it brew a bit in my brain, while I give my hands a rest.  The arthritis flared big time this week with the change in the weather.  I'll just get the sewing room back in order and maybe plan a smaller project or two.
Happy stitching.


Lynne said...

DesignSeeds seems to have become a quilter's favourite site - at least on the blogs I read! LOL Someone else was using another site, where the colours came back in varying amounts but I can't remeber what the site was (sorry).

Hope you are feeling a lot better soon.

Ann Marie said...

Here is the other site that Lynne was probably thinking of

You can upload your own pics, and it gives you lots of a color spread. I would add one more in for an even 12, I think I count 11 in the pic, maybe a lighter tan or a light turquoise. When I squint I see 2 lights, 3 mediums and 6 darks.

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