Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quarter Trip Bargello?

    This week hasn't been the most productive in any sense of the word.   I've had that scattered, unfocused feeling  which seems to just zap, sap,  and destroy all creative instinct.  I spun my wheels doing the mundane chores and such, and doing a little bread baking, and dishes to stash in the freezer for later.   The gift quilt was going no where....a few blocks turned out exactly like I felt.....blah.
    A five mile ride on the bike seemed to help....ease my achy joints and settle my focus.  Pulling fabrics  for a plan B gift quilt got underway.  I felt much better about this one.  Why?  The design is one I wanted to try and I love the strong contrast in the lines created. 
   A bargello type pattern created from the Quick Quarter Trip  pattern from Eleanor Burns.   The quarter trip refers to the Trip around the World pattern.  Imagine this is just one quarter section of the TAW.   I have about 6 more bands to add to complete this center.   I want the center band with reddish tones to extend from the top to the bottom.   The story is that Brandi bought a red tone sofa and Brent hates it.....I added enough  blues, gold and brown  to soften it and maybe please him. 
  I only came up with about 11 different fabrics for this (and I needed about 18),  so I repeated 4 of them.  The over all length is shorter than I wanted, but I will add bands of color ways across the top and bottom to lengthen it.   The photo does not do it justice....the waves of color look really good so far.  I played around with the width of the strata cuts---some wide, some narrow---and did not follow the pattern exactly.  But then, do I ever?   Not often.  I prefer to become one with what I create, to put a bit of  myself into each design. 
  I definitely want to do this one again....and maybe put together a tutorial on how to create this easy bargello.
  Insight:  repeat of what I've said before.....Do what you love
Happy stitching,


Exuberant Color said...

Your week sounds like mine, maybe something in the air? I just flitted from one thing to the next and didn't accomplish much. I love all types of Bargello and I have never followed a pattern, always just played with the strata.

Impera_Magna said...

Love your bargello quilt top... it's looking good! Glad you got your quilting mojo back... those blah days are for the birds!

Mary said...

This is a neat quilt. Like you and Wanda, I've also been fighting the blahs, but making myself sit down and work on a project helps.

Lynne said...

I have a heavy cold and infected sinuses so anything to do with sewing is almost out of the question! The one day (last week) I tried to sew had me in tears in less than ten minutes because everything was wrong, wrong, wrong!

Glad the bike ride worked for you and that the Bargello quilt has re-inspired you! I would love a tutorial!

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