Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tried and True

 I thought I would try the new blogger interface today.  First impression is that everything loads so much faster, and most important...everything is still there!  It is easier to read the blog list, if and that's a big if, you can find it.  Figuring out the dashboard takes a while, but I think I will catch on to it eventually.
  Good news.... the Bonnie Hunter book I order for my quilt guild arrived today.  Guess I know what I will be reading tonight.
  Bad the vertigo I had earlier this year is back with a vengeance.  Ugh!
  I starting cutting fabric for a wedding gift today---the time slipped up on me and I only have a month to get it done.  I believe in tried and true when in a crunch.  So I am using the Turning Twenty Again pattern and doing it in batiks.  
  I don't use just fat quarters for this one.  I like to add in a few extra fabrics for variety....and use up a few scraps in the process.    So I use my cutting guide chart to list all the sizes to cut.  Then I can keep track of the number of pieces cut and know when to stop. 
  We are expecting rain...and lots of it tomorrow.  I am so glad because it will also cool off some.  Happy stitching.


Exuberant Color said...

The cool front just got here and I can hear thunder off in the distance. I hope the hot air is gone for a long time.

I hope your vertigo goes away soon.

Lynne said...

Sorry to hear about the vertigo - I hope you feel better soon.

I haven't yet come to grips with leaders/enders. I (sort of) understand what they are but how to make a quilt out of tiny scraps? No! Perhaps I need a new book in my library! LOL

Mary said...

I keep intending to order that book and just haven't yet. I see a lot of bloggers doing quilts from it and they are really pretty. I hope you get over your vertigo, and good luck on meeting your deadline.

Impera_Magna said...

Hope the vertigo goes away quickly... take care!

Ann Marie said...

There are simple treatments for vertigo here is an article you can read on it.

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