Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fabric gremlin attack

  I thought this was going to be the year of free motion quilting with the FMQ Challenge at Sewcalgal and Leah's special tutorials on Wednesdays......but maybe it will be a whole lot more.  Or am I just under an attack by the fabric gremlins?
  You know the fabric gremlins that live in your stash closet/bins/boxes....they must send out text messages or something to their pals that live in other quilter's stash.  They say things like "use me!" or  "cut me next" or "when is it my turn?",  or "Stitchin' Therapy doesn't have ufo's.  Let's get her." :D    
  Barbara at Catpatches is hosting or instigating a new challenge this year.....in reverse.  Each month you are to begin a new project, no finishing required, and post about it at the end of the month, and wind up with 12 UFOs in December.  I wonder who told her  I was  the perfect candidate for this!  I know I am crazy for even thinking about this one, because I worked too hard to clear out those UFOs about 5 years ago.  

  Here is my philosophy/insight to no UFOs---or at least how to keep them under control.
  •      Projects  either get finished, or given away....even if it is the trashcan who gets it.
  •      There are 3  big projects at a time allowed in the sewing room.  Stage 1 is being cut and pieced.  Stage 2 is sewn and ready for borders.  Stage 3  is ready to quilt.  
  •       If  I am piecing a project, I do not cut or begin a second one until the current project is sewn together. This motivates me to keep sewing and piecing, etc. and get to the next stage.
  •      A new project may consume me and move beyond a prior project that is waiting for borders or quilting.  But the rule is still only 3 big projects at a time.  
  •     Small projects---like mug rugs, or doll quilts, or small gifts--- that can be finished in an afternoon are an exception.  They can jump in the mix anytime.  
So reviewing the philosophy, I think I can work in a few months to participate in this one.....I have a few projects on my scheduled list and the rules don't say I can't finish....so I'm in.
And one more to consider.....from Stitched in Color.  Rachel is hosting a scrap quilt along with the top to be finished by March with weekly tutorials.  I'll have to see if the coin quilt I am ready to quilt will qualify for this...could be a little bit of a cheat.  
Happy stitching.


Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Totally with you on those ufo's--it's that stage 3 that gets me. Well, I hope that you are able to finish your projects as you go so maybe you won't have 12 UFOs come December but just 12 FOs?

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I don't need any help in creating UFO's but since I know I will create them anyway, I am signing up as well. At least I will have someone else to blame. LOL!

Barbara said...

I'm so glad you'll be joining us.

Lynne said...

My, you are disciplined, aren't you? DD and I are supposed to be having a sewing day today (but it's already 1pm and morning chores aren't finished!) and we were discussing last night whether we should finish a quilt that requires backing, fix the sewing machine on the quilting frame which is having serious tension/snapping problems or just start something new! We'd both like to do the latter - it will be interesting to see what actually happens between tiredness (I have had house guests for what seems like forever!) and screaming children (over-stimulated by Christmas and house guests fussing over them)!

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