Wednesday, January 25, 2012


 What do you do with your ugly, oops I mean, less lovely fabric?  It is the stuff you want to get rid of, but is too big a piece to trash can, and you know it will not make it into a quilt.  How about the back of a quilt......yes, I did.  That calico print has been around for too many decades, and what looks like a tan is a tiny green and beige plaid.  I pieced them together for a backing for Scrappy Coins.  I only have small pieces of the unlovely fabric  now that can hit the trash can!  The coins quilt is bound and ready for donation next month.

  The strip pieced watercolor quilt, More is Better,  got finished up too.  The setting is the barn raising layout.  I used a white on white fabric for the backing.  After washing it is so soft and cuddly.  this one is a keeper, for sure.  I quilted it in my favorite overall swirl.  Old favorites are hard to let go of.....

  So while I was finishing up these two, Sir Old Man was doing a different type of finishing.  His latest venture was a beginning wood turning class at the guild.  His first project was a  simple bowl about 6 inches wide and finished with walnut oil.  I love how it brings out the different grains in the wood.  This one is done with dried wood---much harder to turn, and he has another that was turned "wet" and is in the drying stage.  
Yes, Sir Old Man was proud of this finish.  
He even "labeled" his work....guess he has been listening to me about that!  Sign your work.  
   When we went to vote on Saturday, we noticed a pile of  small logs by the parking area from a recently felled tree.  Wood on the side of the road  for a wood turner is like free fabric in a giveaway  to a quilter.  So a few logs found their way into the van.    And I am thinking I might get a turned bowl for holding leaders and enders scraps or safety pins, or thread tails, or get the idea!  
  OK, now  I am ready for a new project.....time to cut into some new fabric.   I need a break from scraps.    Happy stitching.


  1. Love the wood turned bowl and the scrappy coin quilt. Would you believe that I am in the process of making a scrappy coin quilt too? Great minds think alike!

  2. Beautiful quilts and I love that bowl! Have a great day.

  3. Great finishes and the turned bowl is lovely.

  4. Ok, that bowl is absolutely stunning!!! Please tell him I said so. Very impressive! I'll have to show it to my dh. As for "less lovely" fabric...nope, I'm calling mine like it is. Ugly. LOL Your coin quilt looks great, tho...of course! Hoping I can rally from this lousy chest cold today and get something done on mine. Still haven't picked the right sashing fabric.

  5. Last year I donated my scrappy coins quilt to a fundraiser my daughter was doing to raise money for research for the rare seizure syndrome her son has.
    I think you made a great decision to use up that fabric on the back.
    Beautiful watercolor quilt--I've never seen one that was a pattern instead of a picture. I like it!
    Oh, that bowl is a beauty! I used to be a volunteer at a local heritage center and my sons would volunteer in the wood shop. The bowls were my favorite thing--I ended up buying a couple of them (not cheap by any means). Your DH does such good work with his wood. I love the story of the logs. So true--a couple of my neighbors have wood shops and they take wood where they can find it--scrap wood everywhere finds its way home with them. : )

  6. Oh my I'm so very impressed with your DH's turned bowl. All my life I've wished I could do some sort of woodwork. Seeing his bowl just took my breath away. His first bowl looks to me like he's been doing it for years! I love it.

    You're so clever to use your so called "ugly" fabric for the backs of quilts. I love your watercolor quilt. Some day I may try to make another one as they are my very favorite.

  7. I do admire your talent with watercolour quilts! This one is lovely! And Russ' bowl definitely does not look like the work of a beginner! It is obvious he knows his way around wood.


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