Thursday, April 12, 2012

A few doll quilts and toys!

Time for an update on the Get Your Mrs. Claus On and those toy makers at the Greenville Woodworkers Guild.    Toys.....rows of green (of course!) tractors fill this workbench.  You can see the beginnings of their annual toy fest. 
 Al is doing some final assembly on the tractors.  He was the original founder of the Toy Project. 

Tom is the Head Elf for the Toy project now.  He is staining and sealing some the favorite Carolina Race Cars.  

  And here's the new mock up for the rocker.  Now this isn't just your usual has a special feature.  It is called a "puzzle chair".  Are you puzzled by this?   There is a special key attached to the back of the rocker that can be inserted in the seat to lock it all together.  When removed the entire chair comes apart.  Very neat design.
   Once the head elves  for that toy in the project are happy with the design, the pieces are labeled as templates. We all know that good templates give us good results. Does that sound in  making a quilt?

Quilts, did I say quilts?  Yes, just a few for you to view.  These are all from the HGTV Message Board group.

At the  Flickr group page  there are individual photos of these little cuties.

And just one more for today.  I love the hand painted details that Joanna--the artist--added to the beds.
Thank you everyone, and especially Nicki--the greatest organizer Mrs. Claus could hope to find--- for all the help and donations of time and effort for this project.   We each bring what we have in time and talent in helping others, and then watch as amazing results happen.
Happy stitching.  


Impera_Magna said...

How wonderful... you all have really started something, Mrs. Claus!!!

Janet O. said...

Great to see all of these efforts to "make the season bright" for little ones!

Terri said...

Bless you all! What a worthwhile project.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Wow, those guys do amazing work! And all those quilts--lots of work, and love, there too! :o)

Nicki said...

I love seeing Santa's workshop & all the toys are going together nicely. That's such a cool rocker with the magic key. All these toys & quilts will make for a happy Christmas for all the children who get them.

There are more quilts to come. I love the way you display them outside.

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