Friday, April 13, 2012

Free Motion Challenge for April

  For April the challenge tutorial was to learn to transfer a quilting motif with a technique taught by Don Linn.  He uses bridal tulle  for this  technique.

  The pattern is traced onto tulle in a wooden hoop using a sharpie marker.  I was surprised how well this worked, very easy to do and get a good design image.  Then the "pattern on the tulle" is placed on top of your fabric and marked with your implement of choice.....not the sharpie.  He suggests  the blue  disappearing marker for the transfer.  I threw those markers away  a few years ago after a bad experience, so my choice to use was the Sewline ceramic pencil.  It only takes a light touch to trace over the design, which you can see on a test piece...barely, but it is there and just enough for me to see.  Results good, so I found a light yellow fabric to do my sample on.  
  I stitched the design and did a single outline around it.  Lots of background to fill, so I tried 5 different fillers to see what I liked best.

  Beginning in the right top corner I tried micro-stippling, then I switched to small swirls.  At the bottom left I began with pebbling---this is not my favorite as it is difficult to get even circles.  I quickly decided to move on to meandering loops, and then finished up with some McTavishing type wavy lines.  I think I like the stippling effect best, or the meandering loops, around this design.  
  I added a sheet protector page to my quilting design book to keep the tulle pattern in since it can be used over again.  But first I better transfer it to my project runner for this challenge.  I think this technique is great and will use it again for special motifs.  Thanks to Don Linn for a great tutorial  at SewCalGal.
Happy stitching.


  1. Great job, Debbie! Your quilting already looks so good--do you need this challenge? : )
    I'm with you on the pebbling. Hard to get good circles, and so time-consuming!
    People say stippling is overused, but I really like the look and don't care if anyone thinks it is overused or not. (I'm such a rebel--not.)

  2. Great idea for transferring the pattern! I'll remember this for my to-do list. Your stippling and small loops are great fillers b/c they flatten the background and make your quilting motif pop. :) I haven't mastered stippling yet, so I seem to avoid it. More practice, I guess.

  3. Great job! Your quilting is beautiful! I think the swirls and the McTavishing wave are my favorite around the motif but they all look great! I have a hard time with pebbling too, which is why I tend not to choose it very often for my projects but yours looks perfect! :)

  4. Excellent... just excellent! You must be so proud of your progress!

  5. You did a beautiful job, Debbie. I haven't tried it yet, it's still on my to-do list.

  6. I love what you've done with the April challenge. I'm sad to say that I've dropped out of the challenge but I'm still getting ideas. I really like this technique that Don Linn uses & plan to do it someday on a quilt. Your work is beautiful. You should have been selected for one of the FM teachers in this challenge. Your work is beautiful!

  7. Looks beautiful! I bought some tulle awhile ago but haven't used it yet....thanks for sharing!

  8. Your sample looks great. I like that you did different background designs. I like the swirly loops best. Wonderful job.

  9. This looks great - what a good idea to keep your work in a reference binder so you can go back to it when planning future quilts!


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