Thursday, April 19, 2012

From ugly to covered

I was so delighted to read a  post by Dawn at Sewwequilt last week about making pot holder covers.  I have a drawer full of ugly ones that need to be trashed.  So that was one of my quick finishes this week.   From ugly.... to covered and updated!  I love the theme coffee fabric I found and just strip pieced the theme fabric and a couple of scraps onto a muslin foundation.  See her post for finishing up slip cover pillow style.    I got a little carried away and put a band on a plain cotton towel to match.  Then one more potholder of just the theme fabric stitched onto batting with a few lines of quilting.   Now I can really cover up those ugly potholders.  
There's a whole month of kitchen tutorials going on at Sew We Quilt.....a lot of talented quilters sharing ideas.

 The rain brought me some blooms.
   So before I snipped off a few to enjoy in the house, I had to take a few photos.   The color of these iris blooms is just so rich and beautiful against the green.   The rambling rose  in the background is almost in full bloom too.


Just one more to brighten your day.

The sun is back out, so I am going to way lay Sir Old Man to help take photos of the finished quilt.  Yes! It is done and ready  for delivery.  Photos tomorrow.
   Happy stitching.  


Janet O. said...

Beautiful iris!!

Kelli said...

Looking forward to the photos. :) Pretty blooms, and LOVE the potholder update! What a great idea. They turned out so pretty, and the matching towel is so pretty, too. Have a great weekend! xo

Mary said...

I like the way your potholders turned out. The theme fabric is perfect. ...and your iris are so pretty!

Judy said...

Wonderful flowers and a great idea for updating potholders! I love using handmade things in the kitchen.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I loved those pot holder covers too - I have some very thin ones that are almost worn out but if I put two together and make a cover they'll be like new. That's my plan anyway. :) blessings, marlene

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