Sunday, April 1, 2012

March ending

  March came in like a lamb and went  out with a roar......of hail storms last night.  Not just once, or twice, but three times the rain and hail came.  It cleared the air  at least, and no damage that we can see.
  We had a wonderful celebration day with our April Fool birthday girl and son in law.  We hit the book store, yarn shop, and lunch at the Brick Street Cafe, where the waiter crooned "Happy Birthday" to Deana.  She hated it but endured anyway.  

  Here's the rest of the kitchen towels and snack mats, and mug rugs I trimmed out for her.  Yep, she thought they were  perfect for her kitchen.  
This project turned out so cute that I'm thinking I need a few new towels myself.
  I am working on the pinwheels for the border of the scrap quilt.....finally!   For some reason I have gotten bored with this one and I am ready to be done with it.  So I don't think I will start a second one as planned.
   At this stage of life and such, I want to invest my time, effort and ability in projects that really spark me.  That means either they are quick and easy, or really have the design element I like.  Will have to see what calls out to me next.  So....happy birthday to our girl, happy April Fool's Day, and happy stitching.


  1. 3 hail storms is an amazing adventure in spring! We have missed the ones around here but they occured less than 50 miles away.

  2. wow - glad we got home before that hit!!! we had fun too!

  3. We had the hail earlier in the week--not as much, fortunately, but it did damage a little of my lettuce. No biggie, tho; I already had more planted. Sounds like a very fun day aside from the hail. And the gifts are wonderful. :o)

  4. I am so glad you came through the storms without damage. Otherwise, what a fun day you had! I knew she would love the towels.


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