Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More negative space

    My post on negative space may have puzzled  a few of you.  It is just a design concept or principle that effects our designs whether we realize it or not.  Just realize that the negative space can enhance our quilts.  It can provide a place for the eye to rest, especially in a busy design.  This photo is part of  the upper corner  of a current small piece--fused only and not sewn.   It  shows the use of dark negative space  around the rose.  Then at the bottom you can see how the light background of the fabrics there becomes the negative space around the sprigs of flower stems.

   This photo of one of the small iris varieties that is blooming right now, and it  has a lot of dark negative space, which is full of different values---lighter and darker areas.  My eye first sees the white and yellow iris against a dark area.  Next my eye sees the next value of the lighter green.  I love how the tiny vine is winding around the bloom.  And finally the eye rests in the darker shadows.  Apply that to the next quilt you create.  What do you want to stand out and where do you want the eye to rest?  Your color and value placement in the blocks will influence the over all design and finished look.

OK, enough of that.  Chores are done and I am off to work on  this month's free motion quilting challenge.   Thanks for bearing with me.
Happy stitching.


Janet O. said...

Good info, Debbie.
I just bought my tulle today so that I can do this month's challenge.

Lynne said...

Wow! And it's only April!

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