Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This and that

Another doll quilt arrived....this one from
 Bea at Needle in a Haystack 
in France.  She used the cutest fabric and hand quilted this one. Thank you so much.
  It has been yard work time around here....trimming and cutting back, some more weeding.  Each day I see something else pop up or bloom.
 Clematis vine is loaded with blooms.
Reminder to me:   This photo would be a good pattern for thread painting.
   This is a new shot of the Memory Garden area.  The center clump is a  small dark blue iris that is  just coming into  bloom.  There must be 50  buds in this clump.  I was looking at my printed blog book from last year and there was only about 3 of them then.  What a difference a year makes....along with a lot of rain.

  Of course with all the blooms comes pollen.....lots and lots of pollen.  You know it has been a bad pollen year when even the Deere gets a bath and wax job!

A couple of emails asked for patterns for my water color quilts this week.  Unfortunately, I don't work by pattern.  I work by value.  I would not even know where to begin to put a true pattern together for them.   So if you are here  looking for a pattern for a watercolor quilt,  I can only refer you to the page Designing a Watercolor on this blog or to the label section and click on watercolor.  Lots of details  are there  to guide you.  

 I hope to get some stitching done today...finally.  The Life Events quilt to finish quilting, a watercolor to finish stitching, and a couple of pot holder covers to make.  Maybe a couple of finishes this week.
 Happy stitching.


Janet O. said...

That is such a sweet little doll quilt--and even hand quilted! WOW!

Impera_Magna said...

What a darling doll quilt.... and all the way from France!

Your garden is looking good.... and it has been an awful pollen season this year, hasn't it?


Nicki said...

The doll quilt from France is so very, very pretty. It will make a child very happy this Christmas. Your garden is lovely. I love flowers but have never had good results in a garden. Some things do better for me than others & those WEEDS just do me in each year. The Deere sure is pretty & sparkling....ready for a summer of work.

Rosa said...

Your doll quilt is adoable

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