Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Who's done the bag?

  I had lots of requests for the "trashcan bag".....don't you love that tag line?   My delight is to promote and feature a couple of gals who made quick work of this project.  Dim the lights.  Here are the results.
  This is Miriam's bag out of batiks, and her finishing touch of a large fold over closure and beautiful button.  Look close and you can see that she just sewed the short lengths together in places to get a long enough strip.  It looks so good, you would think she planned it that way!  Super neat bag, Miriam....I'm proud of you.
  And this is Mary's version....same pattern, again using batiks, but such a difference the fabric choice makes.  This is so beautiful and just feels like spring time.  Mary comments that  "Everyone who sees my bag just loves it!"  
  I told her to beware that someone might try to buy or beg it from her.
  But wait............there's more from her.
  Mary went to her stash of leftover floral strips from a watercolor project and put together another one!  There are some great floral fabrics here, and it turned out so pretty.   The colors are so vibrant and look like a flower show.   Super job, and thank you so much for letting me show your bag photos.  And thank you both for completing the makes the effort so worthwhile to see such wonderful finishes.
   Sir Old Man came down with the bad virus today....I have to go pick up his medicine.  No sewing today, just a little design time on a watercolor.  I get a lot of requests to do another watercolor.....aren't you tired of seeing them?  I do sometimes feel like a broken record as I talk about value and color  all the time.  
So have to check on the patient.  Happy stitching.  


  1. Beautiful bags! You must have given excellent instructions. : )

  2. Great totebags... I need to make me one or three!

    Hope Sir Old Man is better soon...

  3. I would love to have that PDF file fr the trash can bag! I think it would make a great quick trip bag for a friend of mine that just had a baby!

    Thanks, Sarge :0)

  4. I love those tote bags & plan to make one for myself as soon as we get finished with this sheep "project" that DH & I have taken on. (It's about to do us both in...:)) I love batiks & need more in my stash!

    Deb, I never get tired of colorwash quilts!!!

  5. I love quilted bags! One of these days I need to make myself one....

  6. Wow! I love seeing all the variations on the same pattern!

    I hope Sir Old Man is feeling a lot better by now.


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