Sunday, July 22, 2012

More from Mrs. Claus

   If you need inspiration for a big quilt, read on!
  Doll quilts from Sharon at Vroomans quilts came yesterday.  Will you check out those tiny pinwheels!
How wonderful.....thank you.  Sharon introduced me to a new blog called Quilts are for Giving .  I will be posting there also about the Get your Mrs. Claus on project.  Check out the amazing stories there.

Then today when the door bell rang,  I knew there was mail.....snail mail kind.  A package of doll quilts.....can you believe it?
    This is the last batch  of quilts sent by Nicki from the Mrs. Claus gals at the HGTV Message Board.  Such a variety of techniques,  and bright and cheerful fabrics of all types just spill from the box.  Mother Goose fabric, lady bug fabric, animals, strips and plaids.....just so cute.

How about 2 crocheted doll quilts?  These are just so precious.  The blue doll quilt has raw edge appliqued circles scattered all over it.....very cute.  The raw edge applique gives it great texture.

  The bright red one has paper pieced fish blocks.  And check out the tiny checkerboard quilt.

And tucked in the middle of the stack was a quilt made from leftovers from her first and only water color quilt.  I know who made this one....Nicki herself.  Great job!
  The little one on the right is raw edge appliqued too, in the ticker tape style.  It has a wonderful assortment of fabrics.
   From this one group of quilters,  all very special Mrs. Clauses, I have received 126 quilts!  That is so absolutely amazing and wonderful.    I will be singing---no, not really singing---your praises when I post at Quilts are for giving.  Thank you, ladies.
  Variety, color,  and inspiration  all wrapped up in love in these doll quilts.  Hope you enjoyed the views.
Happy stitching.  


Impera_Magna said...

I think Santa's woodworking elves are going to have a difficult time keeping up with all your Mrs. Clauses!!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yes, I too, hope the woodworking elves can keep up - just lovely and so glad you were invited to the "Giving" site to share this story.

Nicki said...

What precious quilts from Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts! I was in a mini-quilt swap a few years back & made a pinwheel quilt & I'm here to tell you that it was NOT easy. And Sharon made 2 of them!!! My hat's off to her for those beautiful, tiny pinwheels. Thank you, Debbie for continuing to share are the little doll quilts you are receiving.

Sheila said...

Such beautiful little doll quilts! The little mini pinwheels are so cute but soooooo difficult to make! Little girls love doll quilts and here's going to be a lot of very happy little girls this Christmas.

Janet O. said...

So many great little quilts. Santa sure has a lot of Mrs. Clauses out there! : )

Lynne said...

I can't believe the number of these that keep arriving.

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