Sunday, August 26, 2012

Through My Wall

    Time to get some quilting done.....more practice doing the Jester's Hat from this month's challenge.  I had several emails and questions about this one.  So this shot is  a real close up...the motifs are not that huge.  The width of the light fabric band is only 5 1/2", so the swirls are not much larger than a quarter.  Some areas are closer quilted than others.....I do not strive for perfection.  If  I get lost or boxed into a corner, I stop, break thread and start again.  Or add a little meandering in there to get out ---if I can.  And lastly, I listen to music when I do free motion quilting.  It helps keep my rhythm steady.   Breathe and best tip!

      When I got finished with the quilting and trimmed it all up, I realized I had a wonderful inspiration fabric on the back.  It's a fabric I bought on clearance, and had more orange in it than I like.   I  figured I would use it on the back of something---a busy print hides stitch flaws!   But isolate the motifs in it and what a gold mine of designs.  I grabbed by FMQ sketchbook and drew a few off.  I need to just save a hunk of the fabric too for inspirations.

   And the project.....the floral blended braid, Through My Wall.  It was planned and pieced during this summer after I "hit the wall" with my broken shoulder.   Thank you, Dana, for telling me to get busy piecing.  It was a very nice way to get me to stop whining.  I thought it was appropriate to  quilt it first after so much progress with PT.
  Insight:   If you step into a hole, and break your shoulder, expect it to take 130 days before you can free motion quilt  with no pain!  Lesson learned.
  Happy stitching.  


  1. It looks great Debbie. I tried that pattern but kept getting lost. I am loving reading your blog. I am glad I found it. LOL. I suppose something good came of my being to sick to sew.

  2. I'm glad you were able to break down the wall & finish your quilt. You did a fantastic job on the Jester's Hat FM quilting design. You are so right about a busy print for the back of quilts. I have always known that but still made the mistake of putting a solid on the back of a baby quilt. Oh my....every quilting mistake stuck out like a sore thumb! When will I ever learn?

    I'm just like glad I found you & your blog. Thanks!

  3. Your floral blended braid looks awesome.
    I'm glad to hear that you are mending.
    I broke my wrist last year and my ankle the year before. It takes time to heal bones at my age.

  4. Love the busy print for backing--esp with anything complicated! It all looks great--and so glad the PT has been successful!

  5. Through My Window is lovely and your FMQ is coming along nicely.

  6. I'm bleary eyed this morning and after reading this I thought OMG did I tell Debbie to quit her whining? If we lived next door to each other you probably would have heard it, but I would have borrowed Barbara's pom poms and cheerleading outfit. LOL. I'll take any credit you want to throw my way, that quilt is beautiful and going on my to-do (try to-do) list, which is full of things you've taught us.

  7. Looks good, Debbie. Maybe I'll try this design on the Mrs. Claus quilt I am going to quilt tonight. I need to get this challenge done pronto and you have inspired me. : )


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