Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of the year favorite

   A few quiet and restful days before the end of the year......A little reading, a little cooking, and some family time too, but just a little sewing.  And before anyone asks, I do not do resolutions---because I know I won't keep them.  I hate breaking promises, and  resolutions are like an anchor around my neck.  Every year they weigh more.  
    I  do like to evaluate my past year, reflect a little, and  decide where I  am heading for the next one.  2012 was the year of the "shoulder event"---shudder and cringe---yet I got through it and learned a bit about breaking through that wall of despair / depression/ etc.    It was also the year of the Free Motion Challenge at SewCalGal.  The most important thing is I learned so much doing each lesson.....I hung on and made it to the end....and improved quite a bit.    Looking back at the photos, I  amazed myself at how much I accomplished.   Here's a collage of the major projects from 2012......banners, wall hangings, lap quilts,  scrap quilts, and 2 quilts given in celebration of life events.      

   I think that it is easy to figure out my favorite effort of this past year......front and center is the color study, Wonders of Color.   Inspired by Wanda at Exuberant Color, this is the most viewed post of the year!    I owe her so much.     Rudy does come in a very close second choice for my favorite project.  His story is here.   He will continue to pop up as I share the doll quilts this year as they arrive.  His permanent residence will be on the sewing room door, so he can keep up with all that is going on.
   A very  strong contender for  favorite is the string quilt, Faceted Jewels, which now resides in Michigan with my daughter.  I love the sparkle it has  and turned a photo of this one  into my new banner for this year.  I still have lots of strings, so I am thinking there just may be another  jewel of a quilt that develops this year.
    It was not exactly the year I had planned, yet it was a satisfying year in the end.  I will take that any time.
So till next year....happy stitching.   Happy New Years, too!!! 


Lynne said...

I wish you love, joy, peace, good health and plenty of sewing time!

Nicki said...

Happy New Year to you & your family.

I don't make resolutions for the new year either but I do try to better myself in various ways...looking for improvement in all aspects of my life. Sometimes I miss the mark completely & other times I'm astonished at what I've accomplished.

Blessings to you & thank you for a year full of inspiration & encouragement as I've followed your blog. You have been a blessing to me.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

I think your accomplishments are amazing, esp with the year you've had. Best wishes for a very wonderful and creative new year!

Dana Gaffney said...

Oh, I love them all. My favorites are the watercolors but picking just one would be a problem. Seeing everything laid out like that is awesome. Happy New Year my friend.

Mary said...

All of your work is beautiful. In additon to the ones you pointed out, I love the cardinals. Have a wonderful new year, Debbie!

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