Saturday, March 30, 2013

A different one for me

  What fun this baby quilt turned out to be.   I love the pinwheels.  And I used every bit of the scrap of rose and pink print that I had to finish off the border.

  I only had enough scrap for 7  squares of that print, which worked just perfect between strips of white to make a border.   The multi-color print became the binding, as it was the only fabric of which I had enough yardage.

   I quilted  swirls and jester's hat in an all over pattern using white thread.   The over all look is so different for me to do.....this is soft and girly.  A perfect little Quilted Blessing.

Did you find any eggs yet?  Sir Old Man has been playing Easter Bunny this weekend.    See what I found when I opened the drawer by my sewing machine?   I found one last night on my pillow.  I believe there is one more yet to discover.  I better keep looking.......happy stitching.


  1. That baby quilt turned out beautiful. Talk about using up all your fabric must be the Scrap Queen! The FM quilting is perfect & I love the unique border. I keep trying to think like you ~~~ out of the box. Your DH is soooo sweet.

  2. The baby quilt is lovely! Nice job.
    How fun to have your own eggs to hunt! : )

  3. The baby quilt is wonderful - love the texture the quilting gives to it and softens the pinwheels. Oh, I wish someone would hide those kind of eggs around for me - have fun.

  4. Isn't it cool to make a lovely quilt like that out of what you have on hand? Not only is the quilt darling but the quilting is great! Congratulations on such a wonderful finish!

    Looks like you've been a good girl if the Easter Bunny is leaving you Cadbury eggs to find!


  5. I love the colors in your quilt. I'm a pinwheel fan too. You are very lucky. Easter bunny stop coming to our house a a long time ago.

  6. What a fun way to receive your Easter eggs!


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