Friday, March 8, 2013

Challenge 5 for Project Quilting

Garden Gate page 28
   The challenge was to select a magazine or printed publication and turn to page 28, and use that page for the inspiration of this week's project.  Sounds easy....except we had recently discarded and cleaned out a lot of old magazines, so my selection was limited!
   I decided to use the first one I found.   Garden Gate page 28---- it was a lovely view of a front entrance garden of white tulips planted in mass.    It was easy to zero in on one white tulip but what else?  
   I liked the contrast of the deep green plantings against the cedar shake and faded brick of the  house.  Looking closer I noticed the weathered  blue shutters.  So I drew inspiration from the subject as well as the colors.

Simply White 

 To the stash closet and there I found the fabric to use for the background that closely resembled the soft colors of the house.
  The background  is pieced with strips of varying widths.   The tulip and leaves are machine appliqued.    Very simple, very white.....thus the name is Simply White.   Sometimes less is more.

  This mini banner is 12" by 14".

   I liked that  the challenge topic was different take on what we would normally get.  And thankfully, we were not sent to the hardware store or grocery for inspiration!   There should be great variety in the entries for this challenge.   To view all the entries on Flickr Group, click here.
   One more place to look for inspiration....... Happy stitching.


  1. Great job! That is a very interesting challenge, you did well.

  2. This is so beautifully understated, Debbie. Yes, less can be more, and it certainly is here. You have made a lovely little quilt. I am impressed!

  3. Oh, love your inspirational page and you did a lovely job. This one was fun and I had to borrow a magazine as I don't get them.

  4. It's lovely and what an interesting challenge. I think you did well in selecting a gardening magazine. Loads of inspiration - colourwise.

  5. So beautiful! Great job - love the title!

  6. Very pretty! Delicate and spring-like.

  7. What a lovely "simply white" project. Love your inspiration and creativity. hanks for sharing this - Judy C in NC

  8. Gorgeous, your flower quilts are always so lovely. I think that was one of the most creative ideas for a challenge.

  9. I particularly like how the background enhances this piece. You did lovely work.

  10. Love your creative solution. Just gorgeous (as is the inspirational picture!).


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