Thursday, March 28, 2013

In the works

  Yikes, I need a quick baby quilt for a shower next week.  There is nothing better and quicker than pinwheels and large blocks.  My stash is very slim when it comes to pink, so I made do with 3 pink/pinkish prints and a mottled yellow.  Two more borders to add and I can get it quilted this weekend.

I had begun some free motion quilting on  the long bed runner that has been hanging around.  This section is mainly feathers.  I put this aside to get the baby quilt done.  Guess it will hang around a while longer.

   In the evenings I am still stitching on the floral strips.  The stack of blocks is growing but the box of strips still seems full.....guess  it is the fluff factor!  I only need about 80 more blocks, so there is hope.

Almost time to claim the finishes and NewFOs for March.  I am liking this set up  of making plans for the month  and then accounting for them.  It has given me a focus---a much better focus than the new glasses---and this brain needs the help and encouragement.   And who knows what next month will have in store......happy stitching.


  1. I love pinwheels for baby quilts too. You have the greatest floral fabrics - just makes me melt!

  2. Pinwheel blocks are one of my favorites, even though I'm prone to piecing them backwards! Yes, the strip box does seem to regenerate itself before our very eyes - I've been trying to use up stash this year yet the box seems even more full! A quilter's dilemma, lol!

  3. Thank God for a good stash for quick turn around baby quilts! I think it will be a lovely baby girl quilt.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. Very beautiful quilting, Debbie, as usual! : )

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  6. Debbie your baby quilt is going to be so pretty. Actually, it already is pretty. Have you seen the fast & easy tutorial for making pinwheels on the Missouri Star Quilt Company site?M It's amazing how easy they are.

    What are you going to do with those beautiful floral strips? Whatever it will be it will certainly be a winner with all those beautiful florals.

  7. Love the FMQ and the scrappy blocks.

  8. Great projects! Those floral strips are amazing.


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