Monday, March 25, 2013

Pinning inspiration

  A few weeks ago I finally gave Pinterest  and started a few boards.  Lately,  I can't remember where I saw something  that I know is on my traditional list of favorites.  I was just going in circles and kicking myself for not remembering.   I try to get to the original source to pin,  if I can.
From Quilt Trends Magazine
  And that is where I found the inspiration for the border I plan to use for my guild challenge quilt.   I am not a big fan of traditional checkerboard borders, and this one reminded me of stepping stones in the garden.  So my border idea is in the planning and math stage.....I may need to  use different size "stones" to make it fit the sides.

2012-09-21 IMGP1745agf
From Fat Quarter Gang blog
   Then I ran across this cute baby quilt  with a PDF pattern to download.  It is made using the hatchet block pattern and the instructions give info for paper piecing or using templates.  The designer  sees baby bows, and I see butterfly wings, so it will work for a boy or girl.   There is a precious gal in my Bible study group that is expecting I need to plan two of these.

  Over the weekend I was "pinning" my scrap quilt....prepping for the quilting.  It will go under the needle next.  I also spent some time working through the information that LuAnn at May Your Bobbin Always be Full  emailed me about her sit down quilting machine. I may be ready to cave on this is short and there are many quilts to make.   Of course that will mean that Sir Old Man gets a new tool and will have to make an extra table/rolling cart or two.  :)  Life is full.  Happy stitching.  


Janet O. said...

I caved to Pinterest just last month. : ) I don't troll other people's boards, but it is keeping my favorite things organized.
Also, a year ago I caved and bought that same machine LuAnn has. I've never regretted it. Quilting on it is so fun!

Katie said...

funny that the drunkerds path is one of your pictures -- that is being taught at one of the LQS next qtr

Lynne said...

I have resisted Pinterest until now but it certainly sounds like it could be useful!

Dana Gaffney said...

I love pinterest, there's so much inspiration there. I do the same thing, go to the original post and pin from there, sometimes it leads to a better picture :)
Be careful though, it can be addicting and I've "overcooked" a few dinners because of it.

Impera_Magna said...

I love Pinterest and don't find it such a time-suck as other report. It's a great resource and pinning stuff where you can easily find it again is tres cool!

That is a cool baby quilt... I think I need to go pin it to my Quilting board!


Nicki said...

I like to look around on Pinterest for ideas but don't spend too much time on it as it can eat up my hours. I like that baby quilt & think it would be beautiful in pastel batiks.

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