Friday, March 22, 2013

Project Quilting final challenge

"Hurrah for Spring" was the last theme challenge for Project Quilting.  I hope you have been following along and viewing all the entries, as there have been some really great projects finished.  It is always fun to see how we progress through the watching Project Runway.  I view it as a way to "find my voice" and "make it work".....ala Tim Gunn.
  Spring is always a welcomed growth and returning favorites in the garden.  I have 3 different Clematis vines in shades of purple scattered around the yard and they became my inspiration for When Clematis Bloom.  

 I stuck with my original fabric choices after all. Since  I needed a sample for the quilting class I will be teaching soon,  I left the center plain for lots of machine quilting.

I also like offset layouts---part of my voice---so the vines  are similar around the center, but not mirror image in the way they curve.  I kept it simple  and did not try to over design this one.                                                                  

When Clematis Bloom

  Then the fun began with the machine quilting.  I filled the center area with stacks of teardrops of all sizes.  They create wonderful texture when you allow them to grow out in different directions.
  A little bit of pebbling was used to fill in in some areas that were just too tight for a teardrop.  Then I moved to the border print area.  My original idea was to quilt in leaves, but I noticed the swirl in the print and decided to use that instead.  So lots of swirls along the edges.
    Flickr Group for Project Quilting.   It has been a great season.  Thanks, Kim, for setting this up.


  1. Very pretty piece. Stacked tear drops are a favorite if mine.

  2. Oh, Debbie, you have created something beautiful here! I love it all--the colors, the simplicity, yet elegance, and your wonderful quilting! You have such a talent for pulling things out of nowhere and making beauty!

  3. Lovely! The quilting is amazing.

  4. Wow! Lovely! You are so clever!

  5. You did a beautiful job, Debbie!

  6. What a beautiful piece that is. Thank you for showing us the before & after quilting phase of it. The quilting is beautiful & gives the piece such great dimension. Before the quilting the piece seems flat but after the quilting those vines seem to be 3-dimensional & real. Thanks!

  7. Gorgeous and a perfect example of how FMQ can add so much.

  8. Hi, Deb. You've proved once again that it's not a quilt until it's quilted--lovely piece. I also liked your scrap quilt and appliqué quilt in the previous post. Your choice of colors makes these quilts sparkle.
    best, nadia


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