Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Knitted scarf, please

  For all you knitters out there..............
    While we were in Michigan, Deana showed me her latest scarf that she knitted up from all her left over sock yarns.  I just love it!  A rainbow of fabulous colors that is over 6 feet long.    I don't know the pattern or stitch, but I put my order in for one that is shorter....if she finds time.


   She insisted that I use Nickolas, the Whippet, for a model.  Isn't he a perfect one with that long neck?  Of course, he got payment in the shape of a cookie treat for the effort.
   One the sewing front......the buzz saw blocks are being joined this week.  When I get that accomplished, I need to begin to move things around.  I am expecting a delivery on Friday.  Trying to stay focused rather than just be excited....but I can hardly wait!



  1. Nickolas looks so good in that scarf. If it's made from left over sock yarn, how many socks will she need to knit before you get a scarf?

  2. COOL Scarf! Love all those fun colors!

  3. I love that colorful scarf. Knitting & crocheting was something that I wish I would have learned how to do. If one is really, really good at it you can make so many wonderful things....like socks! If I remember correctly, socks take circular needles...oh that sounds so hard. Thanks for the pic of her beautiful work. (Love the dog to!)

  4. Gorgeous scarf, and Nickolas seems to be a natural as a model! : )
    Can't wait for you to get your delivery!!

  5. Wow the scarf is gorgeous. Very creative!

  6. What a great scarf! I love it! ~Jeanne

  7. That scarf is fabulous! What a great use for left over sock yarn! Way to go Deana!


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