Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trip and inspirations

Batteries least on the camera.  It may take another day or two for me!
I was fascinated by the barns along the interstate as we drove through Ohio, especially.  I loved the weathered appearance, and the shapes.  Such interesting angles and roof lines.  I spotted a couple with quilt blocks on them even, but zipping along at 70 mph made photo taking a little bit difficult.

  We made a detour stop in Bluffton at a quilt shop---Forever in Stitches.  This mural was painted on the side of the outside of the shop building.  A very cute town and great quilt shop.
  I rarely buy patterns....but  I did pick this one up along with the ruler, and a few fat quarters.  The spools quilt uses rectangles instead of squares ----a neat variation---and should be great done as a scrap quilt.  Of course, I found some floral fabrics to add to the stash.

   One of the places I asked to see in Detroit was the Fisher building.  It's a National Historic Landmark, built in the Art Deco style.  Originally it was to be 2  towers, but only one was completed due to the Depression of the 1920's.  Today it has offices, shops, and the Fisher Theater.
   The main entry is eye-popping design.  Quilt patterns everywhere I looked!
 Hexagons here too!


   There were mosaic tile designs on the walls and ceilings.  Carved limestone details on columns and cornice work.  Brass and copper designs in the elevators and door handles.  An absolute treasure trove of inspiration.  I am so in awe of the craftsmen that  put their talents into this masterpiece.

   After lunch it was a visit to a couple of antique shops and a quilt shop.   Yep, more floral fabrics!  I always have my eye out for good light value florals, and I did find one, but the others were just crying to come home with me.  I think it will be time to put away the scraps and cut into some flowers this summer!

Oh...yes....the yard sale find of a fabulous hexagon quilt top.  The full story is I almost passed it by.  I don't do hexies, and I am not into depression era quilts.  Then my daughter said, "You could finish it for me for the guest room.  It would fit in perfectly."  What's a Mom to do?
    She and Trey have a darling
1926 Bungalow style home now....with tin ceilings, knotty pine storage, and arts and crafts style details through out. .   And I could not bear to have this quilt top waste away.  So for $12,  it came home with us.........but how will I finish it off?

   I zipped a photo or two to Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville, the hexie guru.   Bonnie replied that the fabrics were from the 30's and 40's and encouraged me to complete it ---even with machine quilting.  Binding?  Look to the flower centers or setting, she said.  
   And that is when the light bulb went off in my head and I knew how to finish it off and save the scalloped sides.   You can see that the top and bottom edge of the quilt top is a straight row, but the sides have that lovely scalloped effect with the piecing.  If  I was to straighten the sides, so much of it would be lost.  I have to get some things rolling and I will share my plans later.
 Thank you , Bonnie, for some insight and encouragement.

Insight:   Inspiration is there....just look for it!

Happy stitching. 


Dana Gaffney said...

Beautiful, I can't wait to see what you make with the florals, I have some I can't part with but don't know what to do with. The yard sale quilt is so nice, I don't like hexies but those colors are wonderful, plus "what's a mother to do"?

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

$12? What a steal... I'll be watching to see you finish it. Lovely floral additions to your stash and a very inspiring post!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Just love looking for and at tile work - just amazing. I probably would have passed on the hexie top too - but what a buy!

Mary said...

Beautiful old quilt top and great purchases. I love looking at old barns. Some of my favorites are in Wisconsin where my husband's family lives.

Ray and Jeanne said...

Sounds/looks like it was a good trip! I just love looking around and finding inspiration - you found lots! I'll be waiting to see what you do with the hexie quilt... ~Jeanne

Janet O. said...

That is some serious workmanship in the Fisher Building!
I love that top--what a steal. I'm anxious to see what you have brewing for the finish!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

Great photos and WHAT a find....hummmm, quilting??? well probably around each hexagon...OR you could just leave it as a top and drape it over a chair.

Nicki said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic trip & not only did you bring back lots of inspiration but beautiful floras too. You can't help but love a journey like that. I love the mural painted on the side of the quilt shop in Bluffton...just like stepping back in time. Welcome home!

Lynne said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. That quilt is a great find -- like you, it's not my thing either and I, too, might have passed it by!

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