Saturday, July 27, 2013

All done!

The string quilt of colors is Faceted Jewels II, and the applique quilt is my challenge quilt, Hiding in the Garden.    These two have been hanging around for a while, as both started as NewFOs  at the beginning of the year.  

   This is a small version of the first.....only 42" by 56".   The blocks were string pieced onto a muslin foundation that was 7 1/2".  The binding is the same dark green used in each block.  I love the concentration of colors and the mix of values done this way.  This is probably the easiest quilt ever.
   The challenge, from Lemons to Lemonade, involved picking an ugly fabric out of the bag.  Luckily mine was not that ugly, merely dated.....a small calico from the later 80s!  I "hid" the ugly among the flowers, in the 9-patch trellis, and the border strip.  
   I mixed up the background fabrics.... white on white, and tans, and creams, for a shadowing effect.  The  stems are fusible bias, and all the applique was fused before stitching.
   Using lots of fabrics, I hoped to dilute out the ugly one.  If  I put enough in to keep you looking, maybe you would overlook that calico.

   I  went overboard with the quilting.....but it was fun to fill in all the open space with swirls, leaves and feathery things!    Note:  What's a feathery thing?  Not a traditional feather, but has lots of plumes and it often turns into something else like a leaf or swirl.   And I filled the border with feathers all the way around.
  Insight:  Take a chance.....with fabric or the FMQ.  If you put enough on it, the mistakes are less noticeable!  And after all that FMQ, you will be a lot more confident.

     Nice to finish up, because I need to get those 2 baby quilts started.  I have decided to go with a chevron quilt/modern zig-zag pattern.  So maybe I can get to cutting up some fabric today.
  Happy stitching.


  1. I really love the challenge quilt, it's beautiful. I don't think you can over-quilt unless it's stiff as a board, the stitching adds so much.

  2. Oh, I love the challenge and I think fun FMQ adds to the name - Hiding in the Garden - you never know what little leaf or curl or bloom will pop up.

  3. Debbie those are both beautiful. Challenge turned out spectacular. Your quilting just makes the quilt.

  4. Both of these are just gorgeous! Your quilting is fantastic and I really like the layout of your challenge quilt.

  5. Two beautiful finishes I've always loved the faceted jewel quilts, and I think your challenge quilt is amazing. Who would ever see ugly fabric in such a pretty thing?
    Nice quilting--a feathery thing? Good description. : )

  6. Both of these quilts are fantastic...a bit partial to applique.
    My guild buddy loves string quilts and I am going to show her your brightly colored one!!

  7. Hey, that turned out so very pretty! The calico's not the least bit ugly in there, but looks terrific. Nice quilting, too - everything about that one is fantastic. And the string quilt is gorgeous with its colors. Do you plan out the fabrics at all, or do you completely just pull-and-sew? I've been wanting to do one up from my scrap boxes!

  8. What beautiful quilts. So different from each other but both stunning.


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