Tuesday, July 9, 2013

From class and a doll quilt

    I wasn't sure I would make it home last night after quilt guild.  A torrential storm and downpour of almost 4 inches of rain occurred during the meeting.  My usual path home was impassable.....two different areas were underwater and blocked off.   I had to circle back  and come in another route.  Thankfully, home was high and dry.  More rain to come, and things are so water logged right now.... making the humidity almost unbearable.    

 Ann brought the pattern she used for the Christmas tree skirt to class today.   It is from the December 2008 issue of Quiltmaker magazine.   So you might need to check your back issues...or find someone who saved them for this pattern.  Looking at the photo, I would not have thought twice about it.....but her interpretation turned out so pretty. Click here  to see that post.   And she was delighted with the feathers!    She did so well in class, I fully expect her to be quilting feathers soon, too.

From  a  Mrs. Claus in Texas.....
   Jill, aka Will Quilt for Chocolate, is a member of the HGTV Message board and she sent along this little cutie for the Mrs. Claus doll quilt project.  Fun colors and cute pattern layout,  and I love her loop and curl quilting.  Thank you, Mrs. Claus.

   I'm heading to the sewing room to work on binding.  I really want to start something new, but
 the list ----you know that plan for the month I am trying to follow---says I need to do binding.   Staying on track.....happy stitching.  


  1. I'm so glad you made it home safely. Floods can make driving very difficult and dangerous. The new doll quilt is lovely.

  2. Those flash storms are really scarey and glad you are safe. Oh, I think I have a couple of dolly quilts that just need binding - yikes, better find them and finish up to send on.

  3. I'm glad you made it home safely. I wish you could share some of the overabundance of moisture with those of us that are having an awfully hot, dry summer.
    That is a very cute little doll quilt.

  4. I knew she would love the feathers, you added a lot to that already pretty project. It looks like it's going to take a while for the rain to clear out especially if Chantal comes up the coast.
    Throw the list away and do what you want, come over to the chaos with me :)

  5. we are getting way to much rain , i hope it slows up soon are my garden is going to rot


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