Friday, July 12, 2013

Mid-month report...

Doll Quilts-----

  These arrived from Mrs. Claus in Maine.  Lots of 30s prints, with the addition of the little bows on the one on the right.......just too cute.  They were made by Kathleen, aka KC1930 on the HGTV Message Board.  those gals are so committed and I really appreciate all their help.   Great job, Mrs. Claus.

Pinning a quilt---- new tool and tip!

   It was so easy to get the small strings quilt pinned.....using the new cutting table top area.  Sir Old Man made another contribution to my "tools" for quilting.  He gave me a small assortment of spring clamps for holding the backing and batting in place while pinning a top.   These are the really inexpensive kind----he upgraded to the kind for "real men".

   The 3/4" table top plus spring clamps plus a few pins equals a pinned top and no back pain from bending over a too low table.  It was easy to pin one-half of the top, remove the clamps to slide everything over.  Re-clamp on all 4 sides---and get the backing taut again--- and pin away to finish.


A found UFO.....
 With all the re-arranging, I discovered or uncovered  a watercolor UFO from last year.
  I added appliqued/fused butterflies to it.  Just the binding to finish up now.  This will be donated to the guild for the quilt show auction.


    I have hit the mark on all items on my list for July...happy dance!....thanks to all the wet, rainy weather that keeps us inside.  And there is more on the way according to the latest reports.....not so happy face  :(
I might just have to clean the house to stay out of trouble......on second thought, maybe not!  Have a great weekend and happy stitching.


  1. Oooh, I love the butterfly watercolor!

  2. Sweet little doll quilts.
    How nice to be able to baste so easily!
    That is a beautiful watercolor quilt--love the butterflies. : )

  3. I'm in love with the butterflies on your wallhanging. It's really beautiful. Oh my gosh, I use those exact same clamps when I pin my quilts. I got them from Home Depot & I have 3 different sizes & love them. Kathleen's doll quilts are so lovely & soft & spring-looking.

  4. Congrats on getting all you July To Dos done so early. What a great idea for the clips.

  5. He just keeps coming up with great ideas, doesn't he? Rain is never a good excuse for cleaning, don't forget the mud that will make it's way in. Play, play and more play is needed to keep the weather from dragging you down.

  6. I love play weather too and we are going to have it today in Charlotte!! I got the biggest chuckle over the "real man" clamps. Made me think of Tim the Toolman - LOL. It is a great idea though! I used to use large bull clips on my sewing table. Now that I have wood flooring I have been pin basting on the floor. I get better sandwiches but like you it is not too good on the back. So forgive me for being a bit jealous of your wonderful cutting board/pin basting work area - it is awesome! Love your bright and cheerful strings quilt!

  7. Love the watercolour quilt! Clamps are a great idea!

  8. Oh, that watercolor quilt with the added butterflies is great! Can't wait to see your string quilt finished. Looks just wonderful.

  9. Your new "cutting table" seems to work a treat. The colour wash quilt is lovely; I'm sure it was very successful at the auction. I sat and looked at the detail in mine for ages yesterday! It's probably as close as I'll ever come to making one since I don't collect floral fabrics!


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