Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Un-planned Bargello

   The heat and humidity have been relentless here, so I've been hiding out and taking a break from my planned and usual routine.  That resulted in a  new---NewFO---small project.

    My nephew, Justin, just returned from a cruise to Alaska.  After hearing about his trip, I was inspired to put together a small bargello for his upcoming birthday.
      I have the background bargello together.   I used the left over fabric from the Buzz Saw quilt  plus one batik  in this.  Again, I paid attention to the value of the fabric when I arranged the strata for the bargello.   I just made random width cuts...from 3/4" to 2 1/2"  to get the wavy and unplanned look.

 My vision was to create a view of the Northern Lights against a dark sky.  I have a silhouette set---thanks to DeeAnn who won them and passed them on to me--- to applique  to this.   It is not trimmed yet, but I am happy with the way it came together.

    I wanted the top edge to be wavy and show the movement of the lights.  The pieced bargello was very uneven, so I faced it with interfacing to get a finished edge. Then I machine appliqued it down to a solid strip of dark speckled blue.  I used a buttonhole stitch for this.  
Insight:   Take that detour and feed that creative urge.  
Happy stitching.


  1. Oh, this is pretty and I can see the Alaskan skyline for sure.

  2. Never been to Alaska, but have seen the Northern Lights a few times from here, when we are lucky. That is exactly what this piece made me think of even before I read your description. I'd say you were right on the money!
    Do you have a plan yet as to how you will quilt it?

  3. Love the colors in this one... very striking!

  4. He is going to have a lovely reminder of his trip.

  5. Even before I read your post I thought it might be teh northern lights :o) Lovely!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  6. Beautiful, I knew it was the northern lights as soon as I saw it.

  7. What a smashing result youve achieved there.
    lucky lad!!

  8. This is very pretty. When I looked at it, I thought of mountains at sunrise. Then I read what you were going for, and I was thinking that you had hit the nail right on the head. Great job and pretty Quilt.

  9. This is a really neat pice. Your nephew will love it!

  10. What a great piece for your nephew. YOur idea was brilliant to applique the top for the curved effect to show the movement of the lights. I've never seen Northern Lights...until now! Thanks for showing me what he saw.

  11. Wonderful did hit the nail on the head perfectly...I thought of Alaska and the Northern Lights before I even read one word...

  12. Love it! I think I've already told you that Bargello is on my "some day" list!


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