Friday, December 13, 2013

A little gift making

  The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur.  December arrived and is half over before I come up for air.  First, comes the baking.....bread, and apple bread, and cookies....all those goodies for friends and neighbors.  Second, I jumped into making market tote bags to hold the good stuff----sort of a gift within a gift.  I did not realize how long 8 of those bags would take!     I did quilt the fabric---that took up a lot of time.  The bag is just a simple toe with no pockets, just lots of room for stuff!

   I finished up the last 2 yesterday and shopped today for a couple of  extra items for them.   This one is a "spa bag" theme....good book, candle, soap and scrubby.  I looked for a matching hand towel to include, but no luck today.
  I also did one with the "cooking" theme with a cookbook, chopping mats, and cake cover.  That one will be for my nephew's girlfriend who loves to bake.

  These were a lot of fun to do.... only wish I had planned further ahead to make them. All my ideas seem to hit at the last minute.  

  We are sitting on the fence about traveling to Michigan.....right now they are in a deep freeze and Sir Old Man is not keen on traveling in sub-freezing temperatures.  Getting through the mountains to head north is rough this time of year.
   In between everything else, I have been stringing along on these blocks using up some floral fabric scraps.  I have the foundation pieces cut for another 5 blocks, so that may be where it ends up.  I have no idea for the final arrangement.....but I think I will put a sashing between them for a window pane look.  Lynne at Never too hot to stitch   showed one today that she sashed....and I love how it turned out.
  Usually at this time of year, I recap  my year, and post plans for next year.  Honestly, I am tired right now.....this old gal is feeling the years.  I must need a strong cup of coffee and chocolate.....happy stitching.


Impera Magna said...

What a great gift those goodie-filled totes will make! Too bad the good ideas hit so late like that... but it happens all the time to me.

Be sure and take some time for yourself this holiday season... relax and enjoy!

Nicki said...

Your tote bags will be a big hit. That's a neat idea to have a theme for each one. Your string blocks are coming along nicely. I took a peek at Lynne's blog & I like the sashing between the blocks. String quilts do something to my eyes but the sashing makes them easier for me to enjoy. I will echo Impera Magna's suggestion...relax & enjoy the season.

Janet O. said...

Clever gift totes, but that is a lot of added effort! You deserve lots of chocolate! : )

Dana Gaffney said...

With the weather as crazy as it is maybe you can put off your decision for a bit? There's no telling what it will be like a week from now, or am I just giving you false hope?
The totes are great! Yes it's a lot of work but I'm sure everyone will love them, they're really thoughtful gifts and it shows.
I'm on the fence about the sashing, I like the way it looks, but you have your magical watercolor thing going on and I wonder if the sashing will take away from it?

Mary said...

I love the idea about the theme tote bags and may "borrow" it next year. I hope you find an opportunity to get some rest so you can enjoy the season.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Lovely gift idea... I'm going to try and remember that one. Rest up! Like Dana, I think sashing would take away from the beauty of your color values.

Lynne said...

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog post. I'd not thought of not using sashing -- that's how my teacher told me to join them but I'd love to try it with the shashing on the back for a change! Can't wait to see if you go with the sashing on the front or not!

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