Saturday, January 18, 2014

The first doll quilt of 2014

     A soft,squishy package arrived this week from  Mrs. Claus of PA.     Yep, the first doll quilt for the 2014 season!   And it is so cute.....and the first one ever with a bottom edge ruffle.  What a clever finishing idea instead of binding.
    This comes from Darlene, aka Amiko, of the HGTV Message Board.  Thank you, Amiko.....we love it!

  A little headway on the personal front....I am up to my arm pits in the Buzz Saw quilt.  This thing is huge and heavy, so I am working slowly with all the shifting and such.  Right now I am on white/light area 6  out of nine.  I am filling the light area with swirls and curls.  Then I will move on to the actual saw blade of batiks.
   I also have to prep for quilting class that begins this week.  I have several sessions scheduled for the next 4 weeks.....and look forward to spreading on the homework!!!  Happy stitching.


  1. How do you like your sit-down machine? I am still on the fence on what I would like to get - but that is a ways off now. I have a post-it on my calendar for the doll quilts and hope to get at least one done this month. AND will do a little promo blip for the cause, too.

  2. Cute, cute doll quilt from Amiko. That ruffle is a darling addition. Slow & steady is what it takes to get a big quilt like your Buzz Saw completed. It's going to be absolutely beautiful when it's finished.

  3. Sweet idea for a finish. : )
    Aren't you glad to have your Tiara as you quilt that big thing?
    I've been practicing ruler work and am anxious to apply it to a baby quilt I just finished. I normally wouldn't put the trouble of ruler work into a baby quilt, but I find them a great place to practice unfamiliar techniques. They are a little easier to wrestle under the needle due to their size--and the baby doesn't care if you mess up! : )

  4. I love your buzz saw quilt and your quilting is fab! However, even with that much space, you're working with a LOT of fabric...

    Just watched at a video of a Tiara and it looks cool...

  5. That ruffle is a really cute idea! I was just thinking about your BuzzSaw yesterday, how weird, thanks for the update.

  6. Aww, so cute! The ruffle is a lovely touch. Enjoy the classes and thanks for sharing your thoughts with me regarding "Violet and Friends".

  7. Sharon from Vroomans quilts sent me your way. I want to be apart of your doll quilt program. Please send me any information I would need to participate. What an awesome program.


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