Thursday, February 6, 2014

Doll quilt and the banner

  A new doll quilt arrived this week from Quiltnanny of the HGTV Message board.  It is a small sampler of wonderful blocks.  And then I flipped it over to see the back......

  Quiltnanny used the cutest fabric on the back.  It's a wonderful alphabet fabric full of bright colors and animals.  Thank you, Quiltnanny, for representing New Hampshire with this one.

  I so appreciate all the gals at HGTV who really keep the Mrs. Claus project rolling on!


It is almost time for the Winter Olympic games to begin and those wonderful banners from Sochi are everywhere.  It was 2 years ago when they caught my eye and inspired my venture into 60 degree triangles.  Here is the post where I began.  Ironically, it is my most viewed post!  Must be the color  :)
   So in honor of the games, I pulled out the purple banner to enjoy.

   I have cleaned the machines, and filled the bobbins, so now it is pedal down for me.   Happy stitching.



  1. I love seeing the doll quilts & Quiltnanny did a fantastic job on hers. Some little young lady is going to be very happy this Christmas with that one. I remember your Olympic banner & it's sooooo pretty. Are you making one to replicate the Sochi banners? I haven't seen them yet so don't know what they look like.

  2. My doll quilts weren't late for last year--they were early for this year, right? : ) I am amazed by people who are so on top of this!
    Let the games begin--you are prepared!

  3. That doll quilt is adorable, I'm glad to see you're already getting ready for next Christmas. LOVE the banner!

  4. Oh that banner! I am loving the Sochi banners so much - they are so striking. Especially against all the snow.

  5. Hello, I am reading your blog from this point forward in an effort to catch up with all your news! Please excuse me if I don't comment on every post -- there will be comments but not frequently. I'm sure you'd rather know I read it all than read only some posts and comment. See you at the other end! ;-)


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