Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Something old, something new

  Something new........
 Done just in time.....the twin baby quilts are finished.  I used the crossroads blocks to make these girl and one boy.  Lynne queried how I would handle the white areas on them.  Good question!  Normally I would quilt them flat, but the purpose of these are to be cuddly and soft.  That meant open, simple quilting.

   For Bella's, I used big fat hearts with a little swirl.  48 hearts equal a lot of love, and all connected with loops and curls.   These are the weeping heart style that were part of the first month's lesson during the Free Motion Quilting Challenge.  They came in handy here to fill up that white space and still keep it soft.

   But no hearts for Blake's.....instead I did my version of coloring book stars.   I actually pulled out my doodle pad and practiced drawing a few dozen of these before I began to quilt.  Not all the lines are straight, but once washed, who will notice.  And don't you dare call the quilt police on me.

 Something old......

   I made some headway on quilting the huge whopper  Buzz Saw quilt.   This will be around for a few more weeks or months!  Actually, I am ready to do some straight lines on it and then move to the border.
  My explanation of selecting the quilting pattern led to 2 posts talking about my ideas on design layers.

    And to finish off my month, I added borders to two pieced tops, that are official UFOs.   I posted about my simple borders technique that I used for these.

  February's plans are easy to make.  Quilt, quilt, on the Buzz Saw till I drop, or get tired anyway.  And pin the 2 UFOs.  Play a little bit more with the stings of batiks for the jumbled library quilt.  Short month, so short list.....kind of.
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Happy stitching.


  1. The twin quilts came out wonderfully. Good luck in your February goal of quilting away!!

  2. Nice quilts and quilting! Have fun with your February goals!

  3. Love how you quilted the twin quilts... the hearts and stars are perfect for the white spaces. Very nice indeed...

    You're making good headway on the buzz saw quilt... slow and steady does the trick!

  4. I love your quilting on the crossroads quilts and I've pinned it for future reference. Whimsical and charming!

  5. Love the solution to the quilting question on both those quilts.

  6. Good for you, getting all of this actual quilting done! I need to follow your example!

  7. Very quilts are Beautiful! And your quilting is just wonderful. Looks like you had a VERY productive month.

  8. The little twin's quilts are so cute. I recognize those hearts from the Free Motion Quilting Challenge (that I dropped out of...:(...) They look so pretty on Bella's quilt. Blake will like those stars on his quilt & both are just perfect for twins. It sounds like you met all your goals for January.

  9. I just love the twin quilts, love all of the things you are doing and the fabrics!

  10. The baby quilts look beautiful. I like the white squares with the simple design in them. I love the buzz saw design. I also enjoyed visiting the links you put in your post to see what you get up to.

  11. I don't know how I missed this post. LOVE those baby quilts!


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