Thursday, February 20, 2014

Unbound Buzz Saw

  The harder I try, the "behinder"  I get.  That means my plate is very full right now with small bits of progress on several things.   The second Free Motion class was finished up on Saturday.  This was probably the best group I have had to date, and they worked really hard at the lessons.  So we may add a feathers class for the summer.  The shop also wants a Tiara tips and hints class, so I am working that info up this week.   And throw in a demo, and tax time and you can see why I have a full plate.

   The Buzz Saw---Whopper quilt---is quilted, unbound, but quilted!  I have more thread tails to hide, and binding to cut and add  before I can call it done.

  This one is so big and heavy that I had to get Sir Old Man to lug it outside for me this morning. He is quite happy with his choice of pattern and is actually working on the bed!  I am elated that he is motivated to build that that the quilt is almost done.  :)

    His close up photo of the quilting..... note only a few straight lines through the batiks to hold them  in place.  I love how their colors stand out!  All the background is fully quilted...not quite hyper quilting, but plenty of thread was used.  I used 2 full bobbins on the border alone.

    We also re-arranged the sewing room.  It was time for a change, as I was feeling cramped. So we---really Sir Old Man did the lifting---shifted the machines around and moved the cutting table to the center of the room.    With the Tiara on the side wall, I have room for the extra support tables when I need them.  Or one of them can be moved beside the sewing machine if needed.

   And I am prepping for a demo at guild next month.  Kerri wants to feature flower blocks.  Ummm....does that sound like me?   This is the frayed edge technique that uses 4 layers of fabrics.
   I thought I would make up one block completely finished as a mug rug, and have the various stages of blocks to show.  Then I can turn the remaining blocks into a table runner.  I hope to get the sewing done on these Saturday while Sir Old Man is at a wood finishing seminar.

Free motion quilting McTavishing
   And in case that is not enough......
This starts up the first Monday in March.....McTavishing we go!!!!
 I ran across this new FMQ stitch along/challenge that starts soon.  I have tried McTavishing before, with so-so results.  Not bad, just not the beautiful designs she does.  So this little adventure will be a good challenge for me this year.  Details are at Amy's Free Motion Quilting Adventures.  This sew along type challenge will include linky parties for showing progress.  Hope to see some of you there!

  It is 70 degrees here today.....and last week we were snow bound.  So I need a little time outside in the sun before I tackle the bow flex or anything else.  Happy stitching.


Janet O. said...

Great job on the Buzz Saw quilting! Looks wonderful, and it looks like a LOT of work!!
Those side tables are very helpful on large quilts, aren't they?
Beautiful flower blocks--don't know that I have seen those before.
I am going to have to check out the McTavishing challenge. Thanks for the link!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

This looks wonderful! I think McTavishing is a little more than my level, but I may just check out for some play time.

Exuberant Color said...

The Buzz Saw Quilt looks great!! Maybe it will be a race between the binding and the bed finishing now?

Nicki said...

Your buzz saw is looking spectactular. So glad it's encouraging the woodworking project. Those French Rose blocks are cute. I'm goin to keep an eye on that McTavishing challenge because I'm ready for a bit of a challenge right now.

Dana Gaffney said...

It's beautiful! I love the ones spinning off the quilt. I'm checking out the challenge, it's probably beyond me, but that's never stopped me.

Mary said...

I love the buzz saw quilt and your quilting is gorgeous. It looks like you should have a very efficient and comfortable work space.

Amy Johnson said...

Thanks for mentioning me and the McTavish-along. You've done beautifully on the Buzzsaw and I love the feathers! Now I am off to wander the rest of your blog.

Lynne said...

I have tried McTavishing on a practice block but can't imagine doing it on a whole quilt! It's a bit much for my minimalistic style but I do like the look of it!

The Buzz Saw quilt continues looking fabulous.

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