Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In production mode

 The last two days, I have been in production mode.  Several almost finished projects are destined for the finish category.
    So what sparked this burst?  Inspiration for a new project!  I won't let myself begin a new adventure until I clear out the unfinished business. Remember my Rule of 3.  It is part of my way to keep those UFOs under control. So with three lined up, I am out of control!  Time to toughen up and finish some things.
   OH....and my new bobbin thread arrived!  Aurifil 60 wt. bobbin thread was a new item on Fabric.com that I saw this weekend.  A quilter can never have enough bobbin thread.

 So production mode began and now.......
   I have the three lined up.  Each with bindings cut, labels printed, and ready to have borders added.  I also cut the hanging sleeve for the two wall hangings.  With the assembly line set up, I can sew on one without stopping to cut or hunt for binding fabric or whatever.   So for the rest of the week I will be tackling these three while I dream /plan / envision the next one.


One of the three is Mid-Winter Dreams.....I was working on this string quilt during our super cold days  in January and finally decided on the quilting.    
   Sometimes the quilting motif  holds me up.  I often wait until the fabric tells me what to quilt or a good idea hits.  In this case, the main quilt was so busy with the floral prints, I knew it would be an allover stipple or swirl.    I settled on the  big swirls for the center, and a smaller vine swirl for the contrasting narrow border. That left the outer border.  I selected a feathered swirl for that.  I thought it would be a good example for classes to show how one motif can be used in multiple ways.      

  And my inspiration.....next project.....triggered  by this pin on Pinterest.    It is a strata quilt based on value---of course, you knew that was coming!   Originally inspiration from Maaike Bakker's book Strip Pieced Quilts----which I do not have, and it is long out of production.  But luckily, Leanne offers great tutorial on her blog.  You can find it here.   I plan on using leftover strips from my bin for the first one and then begin accumulating enough strips for one done in batiks.  I mean, why plan one when you can plan two.....right?    So if I am quiet for a few days, you know I am stitching.
Happy stitching.


  1. Good luck on sticking to your '3' rule. I need to buckle down and get some quilting finishes so the pile goes down. That is a lot of straight line quilting on that inspiration!!!

  2. Oh, why did you have to show that new quilt idea??? I want to make one (or 2 too) and I already have several bins of 2" strips........

  3. Therein lies a quilter's quandary. There is always one more new technique or beautiful quilt to be made. This strata project looks like fun!

  4. You are so organized, Debbie! I feel I should hang my head in shame.
    That is a beautiful job on that border quilting!! Can you teach me that? : 0

  5. That string quilt is beautiful and the border quilting just gorgeous!

  6. You are soooo good at sticking to your UFO/new project rules! I'm working on finishing up a couple of UFOs as well but have gotten sidetracked in to making zipper bags for the "quick finish" thrill.... however, it is very tempting to start a new project now you've shared the blended scrappy quilt. *wink*

  7. Your quilt and quilting are fabulous.I want to finish some UFO/old project too and so far I've only finished one quilt.


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