Saturday, March 29, 2014

Let's Book It for March

   Let's Book It is an idea from Sharon at Vroomans Quilts.   Each month select a project from a book, magazine or such and do it.  Then post a finish and link up at the Linky Party.  So I jumped on her bandwagon this month.....From Stratavarious Quilts I selected this wall hanging project.  I liked the visual impact and thought it would be good to try thread painting again.
   As per my usual, I ended up not following their directions completely, and found that string piecing the background was an easier and less wasteful method.

I cut the foundation for the string piecing from telephone book pages.
  Tip:  Be sure to cover your pressing surface to prevent the ink from being transferred to your cover.....I use an old pillowcase that slips right over my ironing board end.
  Note the crease in the paper page.....that is the correct angle that I wanted to maintain for the background blocks.  It is not corner to corner, rather  the angle runs a little off kilter but still on a diagonal.
   The book project was larger than I I reduced the size to approximately 24 by 30 inches.  And that meant less leaves to applique down.  The stems and leaves were cut from batiks and glued to the background with glue stick.....not fused. This was to be raw-edge applique.

   Here's a close up of the raw edge stitching......and the thread painted blossom.  The thread painting was done onto tulle and cut out.  Then a few more stitches were added to hold it in place.  I used wavy lines for the quilting in the background.

    And it is done.    Glad I got it out of my system and onto the wall. The colors are slightly washed out in this is really a dramatic contrast in the dark background and the light leaves.

    I have no idea what I might try next month.....I need to look for a small project to attack!  Be sure to check out the other blogger's projects at the linky party.....Here.




  1. Oh, I really love this!! The background is quite dramatic and I love those tulle flowers. Thank you for joining in and what a great project.

  2. Just wonderful , I love it !

  3. What a fabulous wall hanging. The leaves are stunning on that background.

  4. That's beautiful and I like the diagonal being a little "off", I think you'll be seeing that in a future string quilt of mine :)

  5. A lovely project... ya done good! Congratulations on a great finish!

  6. I have that book and really love that particular project..yours turned out gorgeous!!

  7. A beautiful work of art! My artist-sister is always trying to get me to do more "artsy quilting"--I think this project would satisfy her!

  8. This looks fabulous. Those background fabrics look great too.

  9. As an Aussie, I can't help but like a wall hanging featuring our most celebrated vegetative export! Your version looks fabulous. Like you, I often change patterns to suit my way of doing things!


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