Sunday, June 22, 2014

New doll quilts arrived

  I'm a couple days late in posting I will start the week off right and show some new doll quilts that arrived.

  Perfectly adorable!  This little doll quilt is from Mrs. Claus in Minnesota,  aka Chanlady 22.   She used Gracie doll fabric and I think it is so charming with the added dark ties.


  From Mrs. Claus, who lives in the heart of the USA....that is Oklahoma....comes a wonderful patriotic quilt.  Marion made this one, and she is also a member of the HGTV Message Board.  A few stitches and she turned this panel into a precious doll quilt.

  And then there is the undisputed Mrs. Claus from Texas, aka as Nicki, who heads up this project at the HGTV Message Board.  Without her effort and promotion, we would not be viewing all the great and wonderful talent seen in these small quilts.

  Nicki sent these two jewels to kick off her contribution this year.  I love the bright colors....and I see she has been practicing her free motion quilting!  Go, girl!

   Plus, she sent three more!  She is representing Texas, Indiana, Utah and West Virginia with this assortment
   I instantly fell in love with the fish.....blowing bubbles no less.  Sir Old Man said the rag style quilt was his favorite because he could see a little girl loving the texture of the soft flannels.  I think he has been hanging out with quilters too long.

   Thank you all for your efforts and sharing your talent in this project.

   I will be dormant most of this far as stitching goes anyway.  It is Adventure Week at church, and Sir Old Man is stage manager for the Production Team.  I will be cooking/baking for the workers---after a big trip to the grocery store, and then I am helping prepare a meal for the teens on Thursday.  Just the flip side of this domestic  A vacation will be a return to regular routine/programming.  Till then, happy stitching.  


Janet O. said...

Fun and inspiring to see all of these little quilts. I have actually had one on a design board for a few months--just need to actually make it! : )
Good luck with all of that cooking. I like to cook, but that sounds like a little much!

Sylvia Anderson said...

We have 5 great granddaughters that would love these beautiful doll quilts. I'm especially drawn to Nicki's jewel quilts with such gorgeous fabrics and bright colors. Do you, by any chance, know the fabric line used in the quilt on the right. I'm referring to the fabric with the swirls. They give so much motion to the quilt and I would love to purchase some to use in making these quilts. Thanks for sharing Debbie.

Nicki said...

Those quilts are so cute & it sure gives me a fuzzy, warm feeling to see my very own on a www blog. Thank you Debbie for the time you take to post pictures of all the wonderful doll quilts you are receiving from all over the world by loving quilters.
Sylvia, the two little jewel quilts were made from the same fabric. I purchased a package of charms from the Missouri Star Quilt Co. some time back & I happen to still have some left over with the name of the fabric on the label (this is your lucky day). The label says...Windham Fabrics presents SWIRL by Whistler Studios. I hope this helps you.

Kathleen KC1930) said...

Our HGTV ladies are the best! Hugs, Kathleen (KC1930)

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