Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Purple dress

Yahoo....the only good thing about the high heat is the progress I have made this month.  The donation quilt is quilted and waiting for binding fabric, and the watercolor wall hanging are complete, along with the simple place mats.

   And today, I put the purple "dress" on Hot Legs....or Tiara quilting machine.  This was from a tutorial shared by a gal on the Yahoo group for Handi-quilter and Tiara owners.  Jasmine of Quilt Kisses worked all the kinks out of the pattern, so I got thru it in no time.   Much better than a towel thrown over her to keep the dust bunnies away.  Thanks, Jasmine, for presenting this tutorial.

    Since I needed a big hunk of fabric quilted, I thought it was a great time to practice a new to me motif. It is hard to see the design on the outside fabric....good for hiding goofs.  So here are a couple of photos of the lining side.
   This is Scroll Flower from Amy's Free Motion Quilting.     Needless to say, it is just a great pattern that flows any which way and covers the area quickly.  If I did not have enough space for 2 scallop worked fine.

   I really just played around with it....using different size scrolls to begin, and  adding varying number of scallops.   I love the look of it.  So I will be adding this one to my motif book!

   Did I mention book?  Yes, the Let's Book It project is assembled.....ready to be pinned.  I'll be looking for a new project to begin....decisions to make.  Happy stitching.


Jasmine said...

Your purple dress looks great! I am so happy to see someone use my tutorial. Makes all the effort worth it.

Janet O. said...

Oh, I can see I need to look up this tutorial!!
Looks great, Debbie!

Dana Gaffney said...

It looks great, that's something I keep meaning to do, I'm going to check out the tute even though my machine is much smaller.

Nicki said...

The dress looks great on Hot Legs! I keep saying someday I will make one for my Janome. I better check out Jasmine's instructions soon.

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