Friday, July 18, 2014

Bound and determined!

   Bound for a Habitat for Humanity home.......made by a guild member from donated fabrics.  I only did the quilting and binding.  At guild, Susan said they gave 11 quilts in one weekend this month to new home owners.  That means their quilt stash is low.

    Bound for the guild's Auction..... I finished up another cascading watercolor wall hanging  that will be donated for the auction booth at the guild Quilt Show in October. I really like the banner size.  This one is 12" by 36".   I used a swirl quilting instead of the usual meander which I tend to do on these.  Just for a little variety.

   So two are cleared out....and one added.  Susanne said she had a little something for me at guild meeting Monday night.  Her something little was a Quilt of Valor that needs to be quilted.  So since I have nothing else on my plate---ha!----I brought it home.  I will consider it an honor to quilt it so a service man/woman can be "covered".   It is a striking one, and I will be featuring it when quilted.  And I am bumping it to the head of my two can wait a few more days.

  That leaves the design wall project.   I sorted a lot of strips into sets to be sewn....about 20 stacks of those.  Eventually they will be added to these.   My photo just does not capture the glow that is developing here.  The arrangement will change as I progress, as I keep twisting and turning the blocks.  But I am loving it so far.

    I am working on the database/listing of quilts I have here that I will narrow down for the trunk show.  I keep finding ones I over looked/rolled up/stored away/absolutely forgot about!  I realize there is no way to show them in chronological order.  I would be jumping from one focus or influence  to another.  So I think I will figure out 3 main influences to focus on and find quilts to show how I grew in these areas.   Just putting this idea into words helps.....thanks for putting up with that.     So far, I think my break is working.
Happy stitching.  


  1. Such beautiful quilts for good causes. I am loving your scrappy trips.

  2. Always such wonderful eye candy. Would love to be able to see your trunk show.

  3. I like the long narrow colorwash too.

    I did the same thing for my trunk show program, chose a few groupings and still ended up with 53 quilts and tops to show.

  4. All so pretty. I like your wall hanging for a table runner, too. Generous, you are... said Yoda. Lol

  5. I can't wait to see the Quilt of Valor all finished up with your beautiful quit work. New homeowners will love the quilts made by your guild. Your watercolor quilts are so beautiful & easy on the eyes.

  6. Good to see the break is working. I'm really loving the design wall quilt, it's beautiful.

  7. That 12 x 36 size is a great one. The two quilts are just spectacular. If you stand away a bit from the monitor, you can almost see the sparkle you speak of.

  8. Glad your break is helping and I love the idea about the database.


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