Saturday, July 5, 2014

Doll quilts, and new wood working item

    Two doll quilts from Mrs. Claus in Ohio arrived this week.

Precious pink bow ties are so cute and cheerful.  They really make this doll quilt sing.
Her second quilt is a cute scrappy and filled with great prints.

  Karen is Mrs. Claus in Ohio.  She blogs at K's Quilting Korner.  Stop in and say hello.   Thank you, Karen, for helping with this project and sharing your time and talent.

   Did you notice the new prop in the first photo?  It is made by Sir Old Man....that handy woodworker that hangs around here.
  I have whined about needing a sturdy---safe to sit or stand on---footstool for the sewing room for a few years.   Sir Old Man finally gave in and made one just for the sewing room.....and a spare one for the laundry closet.  Those shelves are too high for me to reach anything stored up there.   The little cut out area makes it easy to grasp and move where you need it. Very handy to have around.
   The pattern is based on one his Dad made about 50 years ago that we have in the kitchen.  Remy knows that is his stool to play with when he visits. He flips it over and piles his toy trucks and cars in it and pushes it around!

  I am going to be taking a summer break.  A hiatus from beginning new projects is overdue.  I want to just concentrate on finishing up what is in the sewing room......I have two throw quilts to pin and quilt, and a stack of strip sets to sew together for the scrappy floral many trips around the world.   Plus, there are 2 donation quilts needing binding and finishing, and a couple of doll quilts I have almost completed.  
  On top of those things, I am putting together/planning a workshop for the fall on the Endless Feathers....and a trunk show.  I need some clear headed time to make some sense out of my variety of quilts and projects to share.

  I may pop in with a small project or item to plans, but you never know.   I will post any doll quilts that arrive.....look for those posts about once a week or so.  I will still be reading and visiting....I don't want to miss anything!  Anyway, enjoy your summer and happy stitching.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Veryt sweet doll quilts. Enjoy your summer - it sounds busy enough.

Jan said...

Love the doll quilts and the new prop. I'm a new reader, and love the title, Sir Old Man. I think I'll steal it for my hubs! Hope you have a great summer.

Mary said...

What a great step tool/chair. The doll quilts are so sweet. Enjoy your "break." It sounds like you'll be busier than ever, so I'll be looking forward to your active return to posting.

Janet O. said...

Cute little doll quilts.
Love that kind of stool.
Enjoy your break, Debbie. Sounds like a good plan. : )

Nicki said...

Those are such sweet, pretty doll quilts. The pink bow ties are so cute for a little girl's doll bed & the checker board quilt has so many exciting things to look at . Karen did a fabulous job on these quilts of love.
Your footstool is really neat & looks like the perfect height. I bet Remy loves coming to your house. :)
I wonder if you REALLY are going to take a break this summer. Those are words I've never heard before. hehehehe

Dana Gaffney said...

The stool reminds me of one my grandparents had, good memories. Enjoy your break, just make sure you come back. You know you'll be hearing from me since I can't let you be quiet for too long :)

Lynne said...

The stool looks like one my WM made in school more than forty years ago. (I can't beleive it is forty years this year since we graduated high school -- both aged seventeen)!

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