Friday, July 4, 2014

Instead of Fireworks

  Instead of fireworks, we had a power outage.
  4 pm:   A monster storm cell moved through the area with winds and hail.  Power flickered off and then came back on.  About 10 minutes later the flickering started again---off/on, off/on---- and Sir Old Man ran to the breaker box and flipped off all the breakers.
   At 7 pm he hooked up our small generator.  The power company could not find the downed line.  We ate sandwiches and iced tea.
   At 9 pm, the power company estimated a restore at 10 pm.    I pulled out a small fan and we ran another extension cord to it.  I went to bed.
   1 am:  Power restored....disconnect all the extension cords to fan, freezer and refrigerator, light,  and disconnect the generator.  Finally, we got to bed about 2 am.
  Thankfully, it looks like all is fine with no damage to electronics, either.  In the grand scheme of things, we were fortunate.  This was really a blip on the radar....... But a bigger generator is on the next shopping list.  


  1. I'm so glad you came through this with no damage! I know you are tired today after the night you had.

  2. Not the most festive evening, but certainly memorable!

  3. I'm so glad you had no damage. Storms can really be scary. We had quite a wind last night, but nothing blew, down or out!

  4. Glad your family and home are safe. I hope you can catch a nap later.

  5. Sounds as if Mother Nature had her own show planned for the night and rained on all outdoor plans anyone may have scheduled. So happy all is well and your electricity is back on with no apparent damage. Our weather was beautiful, but after working in the yard all day, the only fireworks we enjoyed were the ones on the television.

  6. So glad you are safe. When Hurricane Ike hit our area in 2008 we were out of elec. for 30 days & it was a real pain without water well, etc. Had to go into town every other day for water & fuel for generator. :(

  7. Well that's not good, I really don't like when hail happens that seems to mean there are tornadoes around in those storm cells. I know what you're doing today then, I hope it's not to hot for all of the clean up.

  8. Oh my. The weather gods have no respect for the calendar, do they?


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