Saturday, July 12, 2014

Just odds and ends

    I have made a little headway on my to-do list.  The second donation project  is ready for binding  now.  Two quilts are pinned and ready to go.....time to uncover Hot Legs.   Some strips sewn and sub-cuts un-sewn for the Many Trips in florals.  And I discovered the unfinished French Roses blocks......they have been added to my to-do list.  
   And we added a little something to our stable.....Hi-Ho Silver.  Sir Old Man got the one he wanted.  It even has a plug in for the Featherweight.....that's a standing joke around here.  He drives and I can sit in the back and sew. Anyway, we will be ready for the road trip this fall to Michigan.
   On a fun and funny you follow Connie at Free Motion by the River?  If not, hop over there for a sweet story and saga that is going on with her and a pelican.  The story begins around July 5th after the storms.  The young pelican got lost and now considers them family.  She shares some touching photos and funny videos.  It now seems the entire town is following the story.
  Heading to the sewing room for some therapy.....happy stitching.


  1. Now Debbie, it's not fair to mention French Roses blocks without a link to go see them!
    Ha Ha! a plug in - in your car for the sewing machine? That's a good one. Really? I want one!
    Love your blog!

  2. Nice new vehicle - mine has plug-ins too, but I don't think I should drive and sew at the same time. Yes, I am enjoying the story of Pelly.

  3. Looks like you will have comfortable road trip!
    And I can see that Terri's comment got you to link to the rose blocks. Very clever blocks. I'll bet they look fun all frayed up.

  4. Congrats on the new car, is it an actual plug in? Now I need to search mine for one, I know I have a USB port. I went and read all of the Pelly story, now I'm addicted, thanks.

  5. Sounds like a great set-up for the road trip! Enjoy!

  6. What a great looking "horse" you have there. Wonder if Sir Old Man has found the plug for his saw yet? You know if you have a plug, he will have to have one too. :) The Pelly story is so cute.

  7. A new car is always nice. Very nice looking!


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