Friday, July 25, 2014

The quilts we give

  I am fortunate to be able to give quilts and receive some too.  The doll quilt project, Get Your Mrs. Claus On, is on-going and the small ones keep arriving.  I appreciate all the support and help that comes from individual and groups of quilters that want to share their heart  each year.

  Mrs. Claus from Michigan, aka FayeJean, sent two adorable doll quilts.  Faye is a member of the HGTV Message Board that keeps this rolling on.  Mrs. Claus used decorative stitches for the quilting on these.  A clever idea that is really cute.  Thank you, Faye!

      A cute golden checkerboard quilt, and a printed panel  of puppies were sent by Mrs. Claus of NY, Sharon of Vrooman's Quilts.  Sharon has been piecing up a storm this year, and does the most wonderful small quilts---doll quilts are a specialty of hers.  Check out the next 2........

  I am so in love with the tiny pinwheels!  You can see that she does not waste a scrap of fabric  She used a soft color palette in this simple design that has that wonderful old quilt feel to it.
  Mrs. Claus loves pink!  She  used leftovers I know for this cute bargello style doll quilt.  Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your talent and such a variety of  doll quilts with us.

    I mentioned that a friend of mine, Suzanne, gave me a little something to quilt for her.  Suzanne is the Upstate Coordinator for Quilts of is her mission in life to wrap every veteran in this area with a quilt.  She had this quilt turned in...basted and ready to quilt....with all that wide open space just waiting to be filled.  :)

I probably went a little over board....but I wanted that beautiful star to jump right out at you.

   The quilts we give cover young and old, warm each heart, and touch each soul.  The quilts we give say things, like we love you, be encouraged, and we thank you for your service.  The quilts we give, whether small or large, may not change the world, but I believe they make a difference in lives that we touch.
  Thank you all.
Happy stitching.  


  1. The world needs more touching moments - that continue to warm the heart. If everyone got a quilt - would that encourage world peace?

  2. Your cohort of Mrs. Clauses do good work and I so enjoy seeing all the doll quilts! Love the QOV and you did a great job with those feathers... perfect choices for this quilt!

  3. Oh, you did a stunning job on the QOV - just a lovely quilt that is sure to warm a heart.

  4. The doll quilts are absolutely precious. Even though these quilts are small I see a lot of time & love went into them. The QOV quilt is absolutely beautiful. I love that pattern & colors that the quilter used in the quilt. Your quilting on it is stunning. You didn't go overboard, you went just perfect. Thank you for quilting this for your friend.

  5. What terrific photos you have! I'm enjoying those doll quilts and also that QOV is so striking. The white quilting is really nice and adds a lovely texture without taking away from the top's design.
    I've sent some doll quilts before, but haven't kept up with your address. If you'll send it to me again, I'll send a couple of quilts. Thanks, Kim

  6. Debbie, just wanted to tell you how much I admire you for what you do for others. You are a most caring and selfless individual and I just love seeing what you and all your cohorts are doing for so many others. The QOV, along with your quilting is most striking and will warm the heart and body of a very deserving soldier, male or female, serving and defending our country, while we sleep, safe in our beds. The doll quilts are so cute, and hold special meaning and appeal for me, since yesterday morning we welcomed our 6th. great granddaughter into this world. We are truly blessed!

    1. Sorry, forgot to include

  7. I keep practicing feathers in my sketch book and on practice sandwiches...I just don't have the courage to do it on a real quilt. Your feathers are spectacular and this batch of doll quilts is so cute.


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