Thursday, August 7, 2014

Scattered pieces.....

   My computer files are in bits and pieces right now....much like my scrap basket.  It took 30 minutes to find my favorite photo that I use for wallpaper on my computer screen.  Yet the good news is the computer is working, the key board doesn't stick, and I have a lot of work to do to sort things out here.
   Wonder Geek did a great job.....and had a super tip that I thought I would share.  Passwords.....hate them, but have to have them.  Passwords....can never remember them, so I have a log book around here somewhere.  The conversation went something like this:
  We need to set up a password for the sign on.   Let me find my book.  I can never remember those things.   OK, have you got a favorite song?   Sure.  Tell me the first line.  We will use the first letter of each word for the password.      Huh?    Trust me.  You will remember it.
He was I just have to remember the song I picked  :-)
So my computer tip.....change your passwords, and remember which song you like!
   I am quilting on the last quilt.....and ready to get back to creating.....just as soon as I find those files I need.  Happy stitching.


  1. I have problems remembering passwords too - now that there are SO MANY of them. I have never written them down as it was forbidden at my job. Now that I am retired I suppose I can change that habit.

  2. That's a pretty good idea or a favorite quote, the only problem is it seems like every month we need to change passwords because something was hacked. I have an old address book that I use for my passwords, alphabetical and in pencil of course.

  3. The song idea is a good one--but I have so many favorites. I guess if I forget I could sing my way through them until I get it right! : )

  4. I like that idea for the passwords but knowing me I will forget the first line of the song...hehehe I just had to change mine recently because it was hacked. Maybe I should think up a bunch of them now, write them all down & then scratch them off as I use them. I'm glad you have your computer back.

  5. Ive always said that if I ever got to heavens gate ( if there were such a thing) it would be password protected and Id not be able to remember it, so would still end up - elsewhere lol


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