Friday, August 22, 2014

Small topper for Fall

  I don't know how the heat is where you live, but it is awful here.  Right now the heat index is 108 degrees.....that means the humidity is very high.  Too hot to get outside for photos, which I need to do.  High humidity equals foggy lens equals bad photos.  Maybe tomorrow......

   Instead I finished up a small project.  I made 3 acorn blocks for guild for next month.  Since I had fabric out, I  cut the pieces out to do one for me.     Then I added a couple more acorns, and a couple of leaves.....and corners, too!
  Perfect colors for Sir Old Man's new table!
  The corners are just a folded  4 inch square.  Once attached, I turned  back the folded diagonal edge and stitched it in place to create a curve.  Nothing like a little  satisfaction from  a quick finish project.

   I have a flimsy now of the scrappy is so heavy with all those seams.  I am glad I decided to stop and not add another row.  Photo to come next week...
   We decided to switch our travel plans and head to Michigan in about 10 days......the daughter asked for Dad's help in painting.  Giggle, giggle.....more projects!   Wonder what she has in store for me?   Have a  happy weekend....happy stitching.


  1. What a clever idea to create a curved corner seam, and a beautiful piece as well. We also are in the dog days of summer. Stay cool!

  2. How cute!! I enlarged the photo to see that wonderful crackle fabric in the border - perfect framing. We are cool, heavy rains (equals flooding), winds and thunder/lightening storms - keeps me inside sewing.

  3. I see you're dreaming of fall in a lovely way. I put my camera outside for about 10 minutes before I try to take any pictures this time of year. Hot, humid, buggy and thick with tourists describes this paradise this month.

  4. Yay--fall projects! Our heat index has been 100' to 105' which has me quite grumpy. No relief in site, either. Yuck!

  5. This is simply beautiful. I love how you have created the acorns and framed them so smartly. Creative Fall Bliss...

  6. What a pretty little Fall quilt, Debbie! I'm just starting to get a yearning to work with Fall colors, too. We've actually had an unusual cold spell and we were in the 60s today with rain.

  7. A good fall quilt. Fall quilts are among my favorites and I am working on one right now with acorns and oak leaves.

  8. Beautiful #FallGoodness. Thanks for sharing in the weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Party.



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