Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yes, I am a Mrs. Claus

   We had a new mail carrier on our route last week.  Apparently, she had not been warned that I have an alias.   Soft packages and boxes were to be delivered to this address to a Mrs. Claus aka Debbie, and some of them were from Mrs. Claus from different places!    Sir Old Man had to confirm that I lived here....giggle, giggle.  Did no one in the government ever watch the movie "Miracle on 34th Street"?  It proved that Santa exists.....and by extension, Mrs. Claus does too!

    Mrs. Claus from New York,  aka Peppy of the HGTV Message Board, found a way to dress up simple panels of colorful fabric.    She added a top band of fabric and embroidered hearts and stars.  Such a cute way to finish these off.

Mrs. Claus of Georgia, aka Wannaquilt2 of the HGTV Message Board, sent two quilts.  Purple and blue strips combined to make a wonderful quilt.  And then those frogs.....jumping all over the place!  Oops, and don't miss the turtles there too.   I love her sense of humor.  Both of these are fun.

Mrs. Claus of Pennsylvania, aka 3grandkids on the HGTV Message Board made pink creations for the project.  She says she used to create for her granddaughters  when they were young, so these were fun for her to make.

  Just look at the work....hand embroidered motifs to create a beautiful butterfly on the pink and white gingham.
    I am always so amazed at the create ideas that Mrs. Claus comes up with.


Mrs. Claus of Maryland, aka AngelaC of the HGTV Message Board, sent along 2 scrappy and colorful quilts.   Her note said she loves to use up scraps from her previous projects......I see a quarter trip around the world, and corners from rectangles.

   And remember I said to always check the back of the doll quilts.  I discovered this fantastic fabric on the back!  It repeats the colors from the front, but what I love is the squiggle design.  It would be a perfect piece of fabric to give a student who wants to learn to do free motion meandering.  I mean just follow the edges of the pieces and there you go meandering!  What fun.

  Mrs. Claus of Florida, aka  cksvett of the HGTV Message Board, has really been busy.  Checkboard quilts, and one with Raggedy Andy were on the top of her stack that arrived.

 Even in Florida a doll needs a flannel quilt or two.  And she shared the story about the farm scene one on the left.  Mrs. Claus likes to frequent a certain thrift store....don't we all love good ones.  This store begins to reduce the prices of items that have been around for a while.  The farm scene was actually an apron panel...and she managed to wait it out and snare it for free!  And to finish it off she was given the batting which was cut off from a larger project, and the thread she used came from a give away table at a retreat!  Isn't she the thrifty/lucky one!  She also did her first attempt at free motion quilting on it......quilting teacher gives big nod of approval.  No thread nests, and even stitches.  I think she is ready to expand her horizon.
    Big hugs and thank yous to all the Mrs. Claus from around the are amazing and wonderful.   To everyone else, I hope you find some inspiration from the quilts sent for the project.  I know I do.  Happy stitching.  


Elvira said...

Que señoras Claus tan trabajadoras !!!!!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I always love these posts - such love and attention into these little quilts that have been gifted on to warm a little heart.

Mary said...

Yep! You just never know where Mrs. Claus will show up! These are great additions to this year's collection.

Janet O. said...

I love your reference to Miracle on 34th Street. The old B & W version is a holiday favorite!
Look at those quilts pour in!

Nicki said...

What a wonderful array of beautiful little quilts. I love looking at them & getting ideas for my next ones for the Elves (woodworkers) to use at Christmas time. I'm especially drawn to the butterfly quilt in this collection. Such beautiful, inticate work.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

How funny, and yes, I love Miracle on 34th Street! It must be so fun to get all those little quilts in the mail!

Dana Gaffney said...

Another batch of wonderful quilts, love it! You must have so much fun when they arrive. The post office was always a drop off place for our toy drive and when I went in to pick them up, they would hand me letters from certain families, I can't tell you how many times I heard a counter person say to a customer "You didn't know Santa Claus was a woman?"

Kathleen KC1930) said...

Love all your dolly quilts, my HGTV sisters!~ KC_1930

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